Chapter 15 "Ill Winds"

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The Prophecy of the Oncoming Storm


Many so called seers have prophesized about the Oncoming Storm in the centuries since the end of the Golden Age. It had come under many names and through many tellers but in the end the visions are the same. They speak of the heavens opening and disgorging horrors unseen even during the years of the second Dark Age.


The most famous of the prophesies comes from Tamara Walker.


"I looked up and saw the sky above me shattered and broken. All around evil was vomited forth into our world to feed and destroy. The creatures of chaos delighted in the slaughter, feasting on the naked terror of the little people. Across the globe cities fell and the people burned. I saw the end of all things good and pure and I wept bitter tears. I pounded at my breast and begged the gods above to save us, to deliver us from the evils of the universe. When all seemed lost and the free people seemed doomed... I saw a light and within the light I found hope."


            - University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)


Hall of Stewards, City State of New Lazlo

            "I'm so sorry you were kept waiting Master Grell," the young looking elf said with a small bow of respect to one so revered. "The information you brought us was troubling to say the least and the Stewards were up until the early morning hours debating it."

            "What did they decide?" Grell asked rising from the comfortable chair he was lounging in and straightening his cloak.

            The elf, Grell knew his name was Khyber Lin, looked uncomfortable.

            "They don't believe me do they?" Grell said sounding unsurprised, but looking disappointed. "I bring all of this evidence and plant my reputation on the assertion that the time of the Storm has arrived and still they refuse to believe."

            "I am sorry Master Grell," Khyber said bowing lower. "It was far from a unanimous vote..." he trailed off helplessly.

            "I do not blame you," Grell said waving a placating hand. "You are not a Steward and knowing some of them, as I do, I much prefer your honesty to their political doublespeak."

            "Thank you, Master Grell," Khyber said the relief palatable in his voice.

            "How did your father vote?" Grell asked.

            A tight grin cracked the elfin boy's pale beautiful face. "He was your strongest supporter. He said the ones refusing to believe were fools who would damn us all in the end."

            "I would like to speak with him," Grell mused, "somewhere other than here."

            "Are you hungry Master?" Khyber asked.

            "It was a substantial journey from Lazlo to here," Grell said nodding thoughtfully, "yes, I could eat."

            "My mother always makes dinner for my father and I, she says cooking is her one great passion. We would be honored if you would join us."

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