Chapter 1

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Beep! Beep! Beep! Be- Angrily I slapped my hand on my alarm clock's snooze button . Groggily I rolled off my bed and headed to the bathroom.After brushing my teeth and taking a hot steaming shower I rapped  a fluffy towel around my body And I exited the bathroom and headed towards my walk in closet.

Sighing I grabbed a baggy long sleeve purple sweater with a black under vest along with a baggy black pants and a my old beat up converse. Well now you're probably wondering why all the baggy clothes well to answer you question . I am the school's nerd well that's what they think no one knows the real me at my school and I would love it to stay that way .. Who is the real me you ask ? Well you will find out eventually .

Anyway ... After slipping on the clothes and my shoes I went to my full mirror and watched myself . I am about 5"5 with black wavy hair the reaches about the middle of my back,I am slightly tanned ,have naturally dark green eyes and all in all a curvy body. As I said no one knows who I really am in school , they only see me as Anna White the nerd. Looking myself over one more time I grabbed my big black rim glasses and shoved it on my face grabbed my phone , wallet and bag and left my bedroom. Quickly I dashed down the stairs and walked in the kitchen for breakfast .

Upon arriving I saw Mary , our personal chief ."Good Morning Anna , What would you like for breakfast ?" She said. Swiping out my Iphone I realized its 7:50 and the bell rings at 8:10. Quickly I looked up and grabbed an granola bar. This will have to do I though. " Good Morning Mary , I am sorry but I'm running later so can you just past me a bottle of water ? " I asked kindly. Quickly Mary handed me a bottle of water but not before saying ,"Have a Great senior year Anna."

With that I said a quick thank you and goodbye and headed straight to the garage. My parents are very rich and we have every car and motorcycle you can dream about but to keep with the nerd act I always go to school in my red mini van . Making sure I grabbed the right car keys I walked over to the mini bar and jumped in. Starting the engine I opened the garage door and drove out of my drive way straight to my school rocking out to Nick Jonas Chains .

After about 5 minutes I finally arrived at my school , Sunshine High School , I know weird name for a school . Smoothly I parked in the parking lot and tied up my hair into a messy bun before exiting and locking my van and I walked to the school's main entrance. Immediately I was approached by the school queen bitch Heather . She thinks she rules the school with her being the head cheerleader.

But I swear this girl has more fake highlights than lady gag herself along with a fake enough tan to compete with Barbie. She and her minions or as I call them dumber and dumbest all wore their cheer uniform and I swear they higher the hem every year . I am truly sorry for whoever is behind her if she bends over , sadly they will see the whole galaxy without the stars. "Well if it isn't little miss nerdy ," heather high pitched voice cackled along with her minions.

Pretending to look scared and not loose my anger I coward back into the lockers behind me. "I don't know why you bother to even stay alive , just do everyone a favor and kill yourself," heather said Emily with that she grabbed my arm with her nails and slammed my back into the lockers. With one smug smile she walked away with her minions. If only she knew who she was talking to she might not have been so high and mighty I though.

I would - the roar of an engine interrupted my thoughts. Their coming of his motorbike and entering the school was Kyle Ross the so called bad boy of the school and the leader of the second most feared gang in the country the Hawks .Kyle was a well build guy with jet black hair in a devilish hairstyle, a slight tan like me with soft pink lips, chocolate brown eyes and a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Quickly I stuck my head in my locker so he won't see my face . When he walked past I slammed my locker shut and headed to home room . Another day at hell I thought.

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