My condition

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"You shouldn't be here," I said as Lorenzo entered my home office

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"You shouldn't be here," I said as Lorenzo entered my home office.

"Why not," he asked as he walked towards me.

"I don't think I'm ready to explain to my family why my biggest enemy is in my house-"

He took my hand and pulled me out of my chair so I stopped talking. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him.

"This is crazy," I said and he placed a kiss on my lips.

"Just go with the craziness," he said before leaningz, in to kiss me again.

"No," I said while placing a finger on his lips.

He sighed before looking away from my eyes.

"Unlike you, I have a girlfriend who I need to fix things with because I had sex with you," I said while pulling away.

He placed me down and I pulled down my dress.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, Lorenzo. I love her,"

"You don't fucking love her Royalty," he said

"Then who do I love? You because I had sex with you once,"

"Thrice but who's counting right," he said

"That's different since it rounds and not separate times,"

"Not to me," he said and I rolled my eyes.

"Well I don't love you nor am I attracted to you-"

"You're attracted to me Royalty, face it for fuck sakes," he said while taking another step closer toward me.

"I'm not attracted to men Enzo especially not you, my enemy," I stated and he started shaking his head with a bitter laugh.

"Oh really?" he asked

"Yes. I'm into women and I have a girlfriend please remember that," I said

"You weren't saying that when I was buried deep inside you last night now were you?" He said and I looked away

"This conversation is finished Lorenzo," I said and before I could walk past him he grabbed me by my throat and backed me up against the wall.

"You know I can easily break your fucking arms right?" I asked while glaring into his beautiful eyes.

Fuck what's wrong with me

"Yeah you could but I need my arms to pin you down while I'm pounding in and out of your wetness," he said and I could feel my pussy getting wet.

He smirked when I squeezed my legs together.

Fuck, I hate him.

"You're my enemy" I whispered

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