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He pulled me into a hungry lustful kiss and I moaned against his lips. He demanded entrance and I refused.

He rolled his hip in a toe-curling way and I moaned into his mouth. His tongue entered my mouth and I groaned.


We soon pulled away from the kiss; he started trailing kisses down my neck and collar bone and I closed my eyes as he continued to enter me slowly.

It feel so good but it was also driving me mad

My head dropped back into the bed and he started to move deep inside me.

"I want you to come over and over, again and again until you pass out," he said and I run my fingers through his hair making him groan.

He leaned up and spread my legs wide.

"Keep them open and down even think about closing them," he said and I nod.

If someone would have told me that I would be submitted by a man who's also my enemy I would laugh in their face.

This man was driving me nuts with his pierced dick

He doesn't even need the fuck piercing but man did it felt good going in and out of my wet hole.

Some part of me wishes the condom would disappear. I wanted to feel him bare.

He pulled out of me before slapping his dick against my wetness.

"Let's speed things up now," he said before shoving his dick into my hole.

He grabbed my waist and began slamming his dick in and out of me. The sound of how wet I was and the sound of his pelvis meeting mine filled the air.

"Fuck" we both moaned and he pulled out of me.

He turned me around and I grabbed the bed sheets as he re-enter me.

"Lorenzo" I moaned as he fuck me hard.

His hands wrapped around my throat as he pulled me up.

"Open your eyes," he said into my ear.

I opened them and they met his eyes. A large mirror was behind the bed on the wall. It was inside the wall.

"Watch me as I fuck this sweet pussy," he said and I kept my eyes on both of us.

"Look at your beautiful body," he said as he increased his speed.

"Ahh shit,"

"Fuck" he moans before biting my earlobe gently.

"Keep your back arched," he said as his free hand went up to my breast.

He cupped my breast before twisting and twirling my nipple in between his thumb and forefinger.

"Fuck Enzo," I groaned.

"I don't think I can take it anymore," I sobbed

"Yes you can now be a good girl and take everything I'm giving you," he said while slamming himself deeper and hard.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" I screamed and he flipped us over. I felt him enter another inch of himself and my eyes widened.

I placed my palms on his thighs and he grabbed my waist before moving me up and down his length.

My ass meeting his pelvis with a loud sound made me want to come.

My elbows now rested on the bed and he started lifting his hips to meet mine.

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