pt 26.

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| 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚛𝚍 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 |


"W-What" Serena stuttered in confusion and a wave of sadness.

"We have treatments but the best one we have is almost 800,000 and I know most of our patients don't have that kind of money," she said truly sad for her but if this was the way she could get payback for Amelia then she was going along with this.

Making Serena believe she had Leukemia was a perfect way just so she could do more damage to get her payback. She found out Amelia died just a few days after on the news seeing her being announced dead and being carried away in a body bag left her in nothing but shock, she was screaming and crying to the top of her lungs like she had no sense but that was HER best friend she had nobody but Amelia no family, friends, boyfriends NOBODY and Serena took the one person she truly needed away from her.

If she had to go through with this plan to get her payback for Amelia she was going to do exactly that she wanted Serena to suffer to feel the pain Amelia was feeling after she took La'Paris away she wanted Serena gone for good just like Amelia did.

"I'll let you have a moment to think I'm sorry," She said leaving the room with a smile on her face.

She was getting her revenge she now understood why Amelia hated her so much she TAKES away valuable things and people other than others now she wanted her dead.


"Wassup" Dre greeted as Kianna smiled.

"Hii Dre" she squealed like a little kid.

He finally came to visit her for the other 3 days of clearing his head, he felt like she was just acting like everything was okay and it wasn't he could've lost her for good and she was brushing it off like it was nothing and he hated that. He wanted her to stop bottling her feelings up and just for her to talk to him and COMMUNICATE with him so he could help her and guide her into better ways.

She moved over patting for him to sit down she honestly missed him everybody took turns visiting her but he was the only one who never came which made her sad she wanted to only see him.

"Na' you gotta lay down-"

"Come on Dre your not going to hurt me," she said as he took his shoes off before climbing into the small bed with her.

"See it's enough space I'm not big," she said with a smile.

"Stop doing this Kianna" he blurted.

"Doing what?" She asked confused.

"You know what, you are not okay bru' stop trying to convince yourself that," he said looking over at her.

"But I am okay I know I am.."

"You're not Kianna you can try that shit on somebody else but it ain't gon be me," he said now in frustration.

She was trying to convince herself and everybody else around her that she was fine, they kept her in for a few extra days to make sure she was truly fine she kept telling them she was okay but they weren't believing her. Dre knew she wasn't okay and he wanted her to stop acting like she was when she wasn't it was honestly upsetting him.


"Deandre I don't want to talk about any of it okay just forget I mentioned anything to you I told you I'm fine" she cut him off.

"I'm done," he said giving up.

He wasn't pushing her to tell him anything but he knew she would burst again eventually and she would realize she was not okay and she NEEDS help.

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