The Minish Cap - Chapter 1

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*The first chapter/game of Triforce United. Hope you enjoy! P.S. all quotes taken directly from The Minish Cap, but not all of the dialogue is in this story. All rights and characters reserved to Nintendo.*

Zelda's point of view in third person--------

Zelda was walking down the path toward the royal swordsman, Smith's house. "I can't wait to bring Link to the Picori Festival!" she thought to herself. She got to the narrow gravel road that led up the small hill to Smith's and his grandson, Link's house. Zelda walked in and went into Smith's workshop.

"Good morning, Master Smith," said Zelda.

Smith turned in suprise. "Goodness me! Princess Zelda!" he said. "Did you sneak out of the castle and come all this way alone? The minister is sure to be worried about you! You know how he gets!"

"Oh, don't worry about him! He'll be fine. Where's Link?" Zelda asked in response. "The whole town is bustling for the annual Picori Festival! I though he and I might go together. Would you mind terribly?"

"Oh, is that what you're here for?" asked Master Smith. "Well, Link was up late helping me late last night, and he's still asleep... but I do have an errand at the castle... Yes, that should be fine."

Link's point of view in third person--------

Link was sleeping in his room upstairs when he woke up to the sound of his grandpa calling him, "Link, time to get up!"

He got up groggily and stumbled downstairs. He walked into the workshop of his grandpa to see Zelda and his grandpa talking.

"Hey! Link! Princess Zelda is here. She'd like to know if you'd like to join her at the festival." his grandpa said.

"Yeah, Link. Come on! Let's go check out the festival together!" said Link's childhood friend, Princess Zelda. "Master Smith already gave me permission to take you!"

"Yes. After all, the festival only comes once a year. Go on, have fun!" said Grandpa. "And while you're here, you can do me a favor. I just finished making this sword for the minister at Hyrule Castle. I'd like you to deliver it to him."

Link walked foward and accepted the Smith's Sword!

"Make sure you don't lose this extremely important delivery! This is the blade that will be presented to the winner of the competition. Don't lose it," Grandpa said, "And while you two may be childhood friends, remember... Zelda is the princess of Hyrule. You watch over her. Don't let anything bad happen to her."

"Master Smith, quit worrying! We'll be perfectly safe," said Zelda. "Come on, Link! Let's go check out the festival!" She walked out of the house. Link quickly picked up a red rupee (20 rupees) and followed her.

Outside, down the hill outside the fence, Zelda jumped up and down. "Link! Over here!"

Link rolled down the hill (It sped up the process) and caught up to Zelda. "Link, hurry, let's go!" she said as she ran away. Link sighed and ran after her. She stopped to catch her breath. She stood back up and said, "Over here! Come on! Hurry up!" And then she started running again.

Eventually they got to the town gates. "Well, here we are. The town of Hyrule!" Zelda said. They ran into the town together.

They walked around, looking at all of the balloons and decorations. There were storytellers and people in the market selling things. Eventually Zelda stopped and said, "Say, wasn't there going to be sword-fighting tournament at the castle? I wonder who won this year... oh, wow! Over here!" Then she ran over the raffle.

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