The Minish Cap - Chapter 1

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Link heard the man at the raffle say, "We have a winner! Oh, my! Princess Zelda! You won the grand prize in my drawing? Wow! You get your choice of any of these wonderful prizes. What will it be?"

He then presented a heart-shaped stone, a magnificent gem, and a teeny-tiny shield. Zelda chose the shield. The man at the raffle was hesitant and suggested the big gem, but when Zelda makes a choice, she sticks with it. She's persistant like that. Eventually, she got the shield.

"Here! I want to give you a present! Doesn't this shield suit you perfectly, Link?" she asked Link.

Then, Princess Zelda gave Link a small shield!

"...It IS a little embarrassing, though. It's so tiny!" Zelda told Link. Link showed it off a bit.

"Yep! Just as I thought! You look great! Now if anyting happens, you can protect me with that shield!" exclaimed Zelda happilyl. "Oh, I almost forgot! We have to take Master Smith's sword to the castle. Let's go, Link."

They walked out of Hyrule Town and into Hyrule Field. All of a sudden, Zelda ran ahead. Link ran after her, and caught up just in time to see some kind of plant shoot a seed at her.


"Owwwwch! That must be the Buisness Scrub I heard the guards talking about," Zelda explained. "They were saying a Deku Scrub (Haha) had been hassling all the passersby. Link, do something about it! Otherwise we can't get to the castle. If only we had some way to defend ourselves against those nuts of his."

Link walked in front of the Deku Scrub and held out his shield as the Scrub shot a nut at him. He deflected it and it bounced back and hit the Deku Scrub in the head (If they have heads...), dazing it. 

"Please forgive me, sir!" it whined. "I heard that there was a festival and I came hopping to town, hoping to hawk my wares. Unfortunately, we scrubs have a tendency to spit nuts when we try to speak!"

In the end, the Buisness Scrub ended up exploding. Then Link and Zelda proceeded to the castle.

They got to Hyrule Garden, they saw the minister. "Oh, Link! You brought the sword, did you?" he asked. "Then, as minister to Hyrule, I, Potho, accept this blade. You came just in time. The award ceremony will begin soon."

Zelda turned to Link, saying, "I'm sorry, Link, but I'd better go. I have to prepare for the ceremony. I had a good time at the festival. Thanks for coming with me!" And at that, she left into the castle.

"Since you're here, Link, why don't you join us for the award ceremony?" asked minister Potho.

Later, four guards came down with a large red chest with a purple-hilted sword inserted in the center. The put it down and stood next to it.

"Do you know about that sword, Link?" asked Potho. "It is called the Picori Blade, and it locks much evil away in that chest. The Picori Blade is sacred among the people of Hyrule. Legend has it that, long ago, the Picori gave us this blade. Whoever wins the competition earns the honor of touching the sacred blade."

Then, the king and his daughter, Princess Zelda walked into the courtyard. Potho walked foward briskly and said, "Let the award ceremony commence! Vaati, champion of the competition, you may approach the blade!"

A man with a purple-ish tint to his skin and clothed in mostly purple, black, and a little bit of red, walked in the entrance to the garden and approached the blade. "Heh heh heh," he chuckled. "To think things would go this well! The Picori Blade and the Bound Chest spoken of in Hylian lore... This chest must hold that of which I seek! I'll relieve you of it's contents now." The guards surrounded the chest and two of them charged at Vaati. He blasted them aside.

"Mmmm ah hah hah hah! Do not interfere with me..." he said. "As victor, I've earned the right to approach the Picori Blade... I've been waiting for this moment!"

A blue power orb appeared above his head and he shot it at the chest, right after a strange green portal also appeared in front of the chest and a man dressed in mostly bandages, with dark blue tight pants and more bandages covering his face, with some of his long-ish blonde hair sticking out, pulled out a harp and strummed a very loud note which created a large shield and deflected the orb. He then rushed foward, bashing Vaati in the face, knocking him out.

He turned around and yelled at the small Link, "Pull the sword from the chest! It won't release the demons if it's still intact!" Small Link looked from him to Zelda, looking in between him and the ninja-like man.

"But no one can pull the sword from the chest!" exclaimed the king.

Link dashed toward the chest and jumped on it. Heroically, Link pulled the Picori Blade out of the chest and jumped back off of it.

"B... but... Link! You... you're the Hero of Time?!" asked the king. Link looked at the king with an alarmed expression on his face.

The bandaged man yelled at Link, "C'mon! We have to get to the portal!"

Link looked apologetically at Zelda, and ran into the green portal after the strange man, the portal closing behind him.

A/N Hello, fellow Zelda fans and writers! This is the first chapter of our colab story, Triforce United. For you other authors in Triforce United, here's what we're doing. We write the normal Zelda game beginning, and when the actual story and the plot is discovered, like in The Wind Waker when Link's little sister gets kiddnapped, right before the bad thing happens, Sheik (As hopefully you could tell by my description of him) appears out of nowhere and quickly takes out for example Vaati or The Helmaroc King, and then takes Link with him into the MYSTERIOUS GREEN PORTAL. Link looks apologetically at whoever is with him at the time, and then he follows Sheik into the portal.

Catch you fools latah!


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