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22. It has always felt right

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A/N: Finally, finally, FINALLY. I'm SO sorry you have no idea. I told you guys that my laptop wasn't working so there was no way I could update. But now everything is fine again. Better late than never? Enjoy!



I'm usually not that type of person that just leaves when there is trouble but it seemed like the only way out. It was awful to just break up with Sauli and leave him in this mess I made, but I didn't know what else I should do.

I talked to the principal on the day I left and told him that I had to leave so they had to look for a different teacher that would take over the class. It was sad to leave, they thought so too, but I couldn't stay. I actually think they found some other teacher? He wasn't the first choice of the principal since he was pretty much three times older than me and schools are looking for younger teachers, but they just had to take him since I wasn't going to stay. I obviously didn't tell anyone the real reason why I was leaving. Nobody needed to know.

Seeing everything from my perspective now, I am so glad I left. Not only because I could free my head a little bit since it was way too foggy with all of these weird thoughts of Michael telling everyone and my love for Sauli, but also because I got a full-job on a school in San Francisco. I've been visiting this school for the past few weeks, being nothing but a student teacher for now, but I'm looking forward to actually work there. I just had to finish my teaching degree and I could immediately start there. It would have never happened if I would still be stuck at my old 'job' – and I'm not saying it was bad, definitely not. It was a great experience and I needed that. But I'm so much happier with this job offer...

Sauli texted and called me nearly every day but I never responded. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't. It was better for the both of us. It was so cheesy, almost like in a stupid comedy-romance movie, but I knew for sure that I would never not love him, but I hoped he could do that.

Now I was back after a couple of months.

I still had to sort a few things out with the principal, after leaving immediately he didn't really had the chance to fully talk to me. But better late than never I guess?

I didn't call or text Sauli, I didn't know what I should've told him?

I'm coming back.

See you in a few.

Did you miss me because I fucking miss you.

Nothing close to being a good message came into my mind. And it would be awkward ... after all this time ... texting him. I would prefer talking to him in person and that's what I was going to do. I didn't quite know what I should tell him, since I thought he didn't even want to see me anymore, but I would still try and explain everything to him.

That's what I owed him.

I was driving to the school, ready to meet the principal and talk to him. School would end in a few minutes and the students would leave the building so I tried to either arrive there before the last lesson is over or when everyone already left. I didn't want to be a part of that mass in the hallway. Plus, I didn't want anyone to see me yet, I just really wanted to avoid any questions. And I luckily arrived there before the lesson was over.

I entered the office room of the principal after he told me to come inside and sat down, staring at him.

I sat there nearly an hour and we were discussing a lot of things. First of all, my work at this school of course. He told me that I was amazing and a lot of students improved their maths skills because of me. Do you have any idea how amazing it was to hear something like this? I explained to him that I got an offer for a full-degree teaching job at a different school and lied about the reason why I left. I told him that I left because of that even though I didn't even know about it when I went back to university. He totally understood it, which was great. I told him that since I didn't know how my future would have been in this school, I was insecure about this job so I took the path that seemed more like the right way for me, which was the school in San Francisco.

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