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The Hunt

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The Hunt- INTRO



The Hunt (Puzzle Pieces)-Intro.

Bly’s Flight

Lightning flashed up above, the thunder roaring its reply as the rain crashed down upon the forest. Violently the winds ripped at the trees, whistling maliciously as they went. The moon that lay silent wrapped in purple clouds had showed finally its full face, unmasked and luminous it alone lit the way. The forest creatures, it seemed lay hidden in respect for the terrific show that violently beat upon their lands. For them this night was safe, no woodland creature feared the hunt this night, although mans hunts continued.

The orchestra of the storm hid the little noise her bleeding feet made as she soared through the forest, dogging trees at an impressive speed she ran, her sides heaving. Her eyes burn with the intensity of a thousand fires, her body full of the kind adrenaline that had comes only from the fear of losing one’s own life, her heart thumping against her chest as she covered more and more of the unfamiliar terrain. They were no doubt far behind her fleeing form by now, but she had learned never to take chances, to gamble when her life was the winner’s prize.

She continued to run through the hours of night, accompanied only but the ferocious storm, her mindset not comprehending any need to stop. Her feet beat against the ground, the cold hard ground in a hushed rhythm that followed that of those heart beats of all the creatures around her. From above the loving moon watched from its velvet bed of lavender clouds, casting its lustrous cloak over her and the terrain it watched so lovingly. Her mind raced as it had many times before; she kept on, kept on running for the safety that distance gifted to those who sought it. The night and its black cover seemed eternal but then as the black of night became the gray of the stormy day her slow and steady pace shifted to a mere walk, then finally under a large birch she collapsed. Her paws she observed were decorated with the colors of her own blood, the pads of her feet, although used to such distances had split once again. The red of her false socks matched those of the tears streaming down her face as she pushed herself back up again. “Water, food, shelter, rest” was all her mind seemed to be able to manage through her evident exhaustion. 

Her tongue lolling, she gave thanks once again for the storm, the rain flooding the forest with an abundance of water. The storm that raged around her could have seemed like a curse, it took a creature of its own forests to see it for what it truly was a blessing. She looked up to see that the black clouds had hidden the arrogant sun although her silent steps needed very little light to guide her to what she so needed. So she followed her nose, through the gray mist, past ancient pines, birch, and the rare weeping willow all their branches as leaves being incessantly abused by the mad winds. Her feet, bleeding and sore felt the damp moss or soft luscious grass that seemed to cover the ground along with the abundance of toad stools and fairy rings. More cover was given by the various ferns, some small, and some taller than her own height who grew everywhere. The forest was tight packed together, a perfect harmony, like a cosy cabin it seemed faultless. The rain setting her mind at ease as it played its songs on the forest canopy.

Finally finding what she had been searching for, she broke from the mist engulfed forest to find herself in a clearing, its grasses whipped around radically as the wind swept across the bare patch of land. So there at the shallow ponds edge she drank her full, finally quenching the thirst that her desperate flight had left burring in her very core. Looking across the water to her it seemed a rippling mirror that perfectly captured the world around it, reflecting her image although only momentarily. The wind, briefly quiet now distorted the image beginning once again its sadistic screaming. “Fair Winds Bly” She whispered to her reflection, her favourite form as she turned to face the dancing trees of the black forest.

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