Blame Him, Not Me.

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Just between you and me, I have a little something to say.

How's your life been? Good? That's nice. And mine? I'll admit, I've my share of struggles, in's and out's, but you can't blame me, it's not my fault we're doomed.

Blame that guy, yes that one. The one always watching, or should be. Maybe he's had a break for, I don't know, the last few thousand years. And while I'm at it, who did he leave in charge of the decisions while he was gone?

Wrong choice, if I do say so myself.

Who in their right mind picks a fifteen year old to be incharge of something. Something so challenging and important, not even the most feared monsters will face it.

Oh I'm not done yet. You're going to listen to the very end, so stay put, it get's better.

Wouldn't it be so much easier to leave everyone normal, the same, and not pick on a few you think might be able to handle it. One person can only do so much.

It's like teasing a cobra, You just keep going at it until one last time, it bites back.

I'm sorry, am I offending you? Do you wonder what it's like to be average? Of course you don't, you are. If you could just sit on the sidelines and wait for the storm to pass over. Oh never mind, you already do.

I wonder what it's like to carry the world on one shoulder, and yourself on the other. I imagine it would be an uneven burden. What would it be like to have everyone depending on your actions, without knowing it was really you. Their life or death. Survival or... not.

Oh wait! I just realized something!

I don't have to wonder! And I tell you this, it sucks.

To be independent, depended on, every teens dream. WAKE UP.

It's not like that, to have such a huge influence, a forced "career."

Forever and ever.

Until the end.

My one sole purpose.

Me or the world.

And before I forget,

Blame him, not me.

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