Chapter 34

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"Oh no!" I whispered to Sinead. "What is it?" She asked. "All of the medical supplies and Laura. Everything is still at the hospital." I said whilst the plane was mid air. Sinead looked at me. "It's fine, when we land we will find the nearest hospital and live in there." Sinead replied. Bang! "What was that?" Leighanna asked. "I don't know. Let me go and ask." I replied. I slowly unbuckled my seat belt and stumbled to the front. "Everything alright in here?" I asked. "No, one of the engines has something in it and if we don't sort it out, its going to blow up!" Shannon replied. "How do we fix it?" I asked. "We can't at the moment. At the moment we will be lucky to land safely." Shannon stated. I looked at Shannon. Shannon looked back. "Just go and tell the others that it will all be fine, the more panicking we have the more I panic and that's not good when I am flying a broken plane. I walked back into the passenger room. "It's all fine!" I said. I sat back in my seat; buckled up the seat belt and closed my eyes.

(4 hours later)

Bang! The engine started again. "We're landing!" Shannon called out. I felt the plane tip forward. "Alfie! Quick!" Shannon called. I took my seat belt off and ran to the front of the plane. "What's the matter?" I asked. "I normally have a co-pilot, pull that lever it helps us land." Shannon replied. I yanked the lever and we slowed down. Bang! The planes wheels hit the ground. Splat! Thousands of zombies were getting hit by the plane. I ran back into the other room. "Guys, we need to get off really quick and safely." I demanded. Everyone got out of their seats and ran the opening door I grabbed my sword and sliced my way through the creatures that wanted to eat my for lunch. "Come on!" I shouted. Everyone ran out. "Ah help!" Shannon screamed. Shannon fell to the ground as lots of zombies ripped her to pieces. "No!" Connor shouted. "Connor! It's too late! Just come with us!" Sara shouted.

"In here!" I said whilst pointing to a large box. I opened the unlocked door, looked around. No zombies. Everyone scurried inside. "What now?" Francesca asked. "I don't know!" I replied. "But I can say that we are safe!"

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