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The heavens roar.
Their angry, and never have they been angry, since six years ago. Their anger stirs up and clashes against earth. The evil they feel should have stayed where they left it and never feel the light. Instead, it's moving but not only with its own strength but with the help of others. Humanity doesn't know anything about. Nothing, except for Five girls. May Haruka Maple, Dawn Hikari, Leaf Green, Reiana Smith and Misty Waterflower. These Four girls know what they are, or at least part of who they are. They can feel the darkness move. They can feel the darkness aiming for them. They feel lonely as if nobody in the world will understand this gut feeling of darkness approaching or if anybody will understand themselves.
But they aren't really aren't alone. Five boys, the same as the girls also feel the darkness. They feel as if the darkness is aiming for them as well. Drew Hayden, Paul Shinjii, Ask Ketchum, Conbolt Airstrike and Gary Oak suddenly feel at ease a little as the girls transfer to their own school. But then again weird occurrences has been happening since and the girls always seem to be their. Only Arcues knows what will happen to the poor teens as they race against time to stop a ferocious enemy on the lose. And the worst part is this enemy is none other than Arcues himself.
??? P.O.V
We were walking towards the bosses office. On my right side was my sisters,Misty and Dawn. Dawn, the bluenette was on her phone looking at pictures of some random dude. Misty, the orange head had her eyes closed and hands behind her head. Then on my right was May, my other sister who had brown hair like me but it was much shorter. Surprisingly enough she didn't have a single chocolate bar with her. I guess she was serious about that bet. Then there was me. My name is Leaf and nothing is more important to me than my family. Me and my sisters are called Scarlet Gold. That's our group name for our missions. We've gained that name because we mostly wear scarlet and gold on missions. Our mission suits were designed by Dawn herself. We also reached the bosses room. In the corner of my eye I could see Dawn putting away her phone and Misty open her eyes. I knocked on the door since nobody else did. "Come in." A voice called. We entered the office. The office actually seemed more like a conference room. There was a glass table that was shaped as a oval but didn't connect at the end. A desk in the right Conner for the boss and a screen projector at the front of the class table. We sat down at the glass table. There were twelve chairs. Five at one side and another five at the other side. Two chairs at the front of the table. Boss sat at one of tables in the front. "Okay girls. We have some business to talk about." Boss said. "Ok but what is it about?" Dawn asked.
"Have you girls sensed something off balanced." Boss asked. We nodded. Lately we've been getting the feeling that we're being watched but we don't know who's watching us and Six weeks ago, there was a bad thunder storm. Every time thunder would strike, we would also hear angry voices. It freaked us out that only we could hear it. "It seems that darkness will rise unless you four prevent it." Boss calmly stated. So we were right. There's darkness roaming somewhere. "The darkness, however hasn't risen yet. It is currently having help by a dark organization. Unlike the teams, this dark organization has a mastermind behind them."
"Boss. Do you know what the darkness is." May asked. Bosses eyes darkened and said," This enemy is a very powerful one. It's Arcues himself." My eyes widened. Arcues, the most powerful legendary. May and the others also had their eyes widened. "B-but boss! Cynthia, I understand were special but we're not enough to take down Arcues ourselves." I stammered. The blond woman just smiled and stood, "I understand you worries but your not going to be by yourselves and besides there's much to you that you don't know." We're not alone? And there's more to us then we know? "I don't understand Cynthia! What is here more to us than we know. And if we're fighting along with someone tell us!" Misty demanded. Cynthia sighed," As much as I want to, it is not my place to tell you girls, you have to wait. But I can tell you who your working with, or in other words protecting." Cynthia, or boss turned on a projection and a boy's face popped up. He had auburn spiky hair win a type of smirk I don't like. "This is Gary Oak. He is a Four time champ and the biggest player in the school and dated more women then how many missions you've been on." We've been on over two hundred missions. It could be exaggeration but by the look of that smirk, Cynthia might be right. I knew I didn't like him, " He has a Grandfather and I believe you all are familiar with him. His name is Professor Oak." I scoffed. He's a player and a rich boy. My hatred for him risen even though I don't know him. " He is completely normal except for his habit for women." Cynthia stated, "He's also the captain of the basketball team." Another picture showed up. This time the guy had Green hair. "Looks like a cabbage that was photoshopped with a face." May stated.
Dawn giggled and Cynthia decided to ignore that comment. "This is Drew Hayden. Second biggest player at their school and he's the caption of the football team. He's won at least four ribbon cups. " I could see May's eyes narrow. I guess she wasn't really a fan of this 'cabbage' head. "He is known for being a great coordinator and he likes to take walks in the school garden to help him calm down." "Blah! I can already tell hes a pretty boy. I mean come on! Its SO obvious he's a cocky little brat that probably flicks his hair all the time." May scoffed. "Oh, seems like our May has a crush rising!" I teased. May rolled her eyes."Like, please. He looks so weak. And i saw you looking at Oak." I glared at her. "Thats enough you two. No more teasing and besides, take Assassins rule three. :Assassins are never allowed to devolop mutual feelings for a enemy or a target. If need to, the assassin may fake the feeling but at the end Assassins will have to eliminate the mutual feelings or directly eleminate the being itself." Misty quoted. "Yes Misty." Me and May sang back. It was sadly true however.
We are not aloud to love or date anyone until the retiring days. Talk about perfect love life. "Ok enough getting off topic." Cynthia said. From here point on everyone paid attentioned. Another boy poped up on the screen. He had purple hair and no emotion in his onyx eyes. He had a slight frown with a blank expression. "This is Paul Shinjii. He has a heart but rarley shows it. He is the Ice king at this school and girls seem to 'love' him for his mysterious and dark vibe. He's also a five time champ." Cynthia than changed the photo again to show another boy with deep scarlet hair with an irritated expression as with a growl and a pair of slightly red onyx eyes. "This is Conbolt Airstrike. Like Paul he has a cold personality but unlike Paul he actually talks to people. He is a four champ as well and his pride Pokemon is a Growlith."Finally Another picture showed up and this boy had raven blsck hair and a goofy smile plastered on his face.
"This here is Ash Ketchum, and let me tell you this girls. According to these documents he is a dense idiot who only cares for food." Cynthia stated. We all laughed at her statement. Cynthia is a wonderful being who respects all sorts of living beings. Whether their good guys or the bad guys. She also respects pokemon deeply. So its a rare sight to see Cynthia ranting about the negativity about a person, "He's a dumb nut but very excellent at battling. He's a four time champ as well." "Ok lots of champs but whats the deal with our mission and the darkness." Dawn asked puzzled. "I was getting to that. The darkness is for some reason attracted to this school and these boys. Theres something about this school that the public doesn't know about and theres something with these boys. Your mission is to protect them no matter what." Cynthia said. There were groans and it was practically all Me and May.
May's P.O.V
I groaned. I could tell this green haired freak was a arrogant,selfish, little brat with a ego as big as the sky. Cynthia continued ignoring Me and Leafs groan. "You each will take six pokemon with you. When your battling against other students adjust your power level to stay under suspicion because these five boys belong to another organization with no clue about you all but their fully aware of our 'only female' organization and they know how deadly we can be." So these airheaded boys also belong to a organization as well? Intresting. "They belong to Dark Knights, a good and bad organization and one more thing," Cynthia stared at us and we stared back. " No using powers."

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