Part 1

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I sighed as I entered the basketball court, all thoughts directed toward smothering Ryota Kise with a chloroform dipped towel. He had asked me to meet him as it was my first day in high school. Kise-kun was a senior, a year elder than me, and a long-time friend of mine. Both of us had started our modeling careers in the same year, and we had modeled for the same magazine numerous times. It was upon his recommendation that I had joined Kaijo High, obviously I'd gotten through, considering my talent in science. Yep, I was a nerdy fashionista. It was apparently weird combination, but I just rolled with it. I had on my geeky, but chic thick-framed glasses. My long black hair was up in a high pony-tail, and I was in the Kaijo uniform. That Baka! Kise-kun had made me come all the way to the basketball court, where a 'friendly' match between Kaijo and Touou was taking place. Damn that guy!

I entered the court, only to notice the tension in the air. The air felt heavy, and I supposed it was because of all the BO. I wrinkled my nose and made my way to one of the seats, sighing as I realized that unfortunately, I couldn't run onto the court and strangle Kise-kun with my bare hands. I shook my head with a dramatically sad look and watched the game.

It was fast-paced. Like, extremely fast-paced. I noticed Kise-kun in the midst of it all. He looked worse for wear, completely sweat-drenched and standing behind a tall, tanned player. The tanned player in question was exceedingly fast, he dodged and wove around other and scored a two-pointer. A perfectly executed dunk. I blinked at his reflexes. They were so fast! My eyes lingered for a bit longer on him, when suddenly there was a sound and everyone stopped playing. I could see the Touou guys hi-fiving each other and laughing, whereas the Kaijo people were all serious. I wondered whether the game was over, but then I looked at the score-board. One last quarter left. I sighed, considering walking up to Kise-kun and slapping him on the back, not that it ever made any difference.

I looked from Kise-kun to the tanned player, finally settling my gaze on the tanned one. Kise-kun was hot and adorable, but he definitely was annoying at times, especially when he called me [name]-cchi. Suddenly I noticed some movement in the corner of my eyes, and I settled my gaze on the blond model, Kise-kun. Sure we'd had some pretty steamy times together, but I'd never consider making a commitment. Yes, I was also commitment-phobic. My lips lifted into a reluctant smile as I noticed Kise-kun frantically waving at me. I raised my palm and waved back. Kise-kun beckoned to me, and I reluctantly got up and walked down towards him. When I reached, he set about introducing me to his team mates. For some reason, he smirked at one of his team mates as he introduced me. Just as I was about to smile and say something akin to 'it's nice to meet you too.' Kise-kun's team mate Moriyama senpai caught hold of my hands and began flirting. I smiled sweetly at him and extricated my hands gently. I was quite used to all the attention I got from guys, and I always responded in the same way. With a smile.

I was pretty relieved when they had to leave to play the last quarter. Kise-kun made me sit next to his coach, a weird looking guy with suspiciously shiny cheeks. Needless to say, I maintained a certain amount of distance from him. This quarter was slightly slower than the first, and I found that my gaze ended up following the tanned player around. I couldn't help but admire his physique. Tall, lean, and generally all around hot. His movements were a combination of erratic and graceful, two things which never went with each other. He had dark blue hair, a rough face and blue irises. It added to the confident and rugged look he had. I was so immersed in staring at him, that the game got over and I had to shake my head to snap out of it.

Kise-kun came back to the bench, looking dejected. I immediately understood that he hadn't fared well in the game, and so I didn't ask, choosing merely to smile brightly at him when he looked my way. The tanned player came approached Kise-kun and placed his hand on Kise-kun's back. Kise-kun turned back to look at him, "Aominecchi." He said, smiling tightly, "I'll beat you next time for sure." I looked to the other player to see his reaction, but he was looking at me instead. His passive expression morphed into a smirk as he looked me up and down lazily. I couldn't help but get irritated when he did that. "Kise, who is this nerd..." And I would've been fine with that because I was a nerd, but then he followed it up with, "with huge b**bs?" I gritted my teeth and glared at him, only to get a lazy smirk in return. I hated being objectified and the only reason I was in modeling was because after my parents' divorce, my mother (who took custody of me) needed help with the finances. "Aominecchi, that's rude." Kise-kun said nervously. He knew exactly how I got when I was angry. Fortunately, dear 'Aominecchi didn't know.

The tanned played smirked at me again. I was starting to get annoyed with his smirks, already imagining how nice I would feel if I slapped it off his face. "Aomine Daiki." He said, looking at me with those weird blue orbs of his. I simply glared at him and turned to Kise-kun, "You wanted to go out for dinner?" Kise-kun looked surprised when I ignored Aomine-baka, "Uh.. Sure. Let's go." But as I turned to go, Kise-kun continued with, "Aominecchi, do you want to come too?" I froze. That Baka! I could hear the amusement in Aomine-baka's voice as he said, "Yeah. Let's go."

I went along, with no choice but to hope I wouldn't unleash my psychopathic tendencies and bludgeon both of them to death.

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