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Name: When Trouble Meets Trouble

Author: @istolethecookiez (Caitlin)

What did I like about it?

One word? Hilarious.

Two words? Very hilarious.

Three words? -

I think you get the point. This story was the ultimate one out of all of those that I've read that defines what a rom-com is. Really! Just take the prologue. I ended up laughing on the floor (almost literally) when I first read it, and yes, reading it over in a second character's perspective didn't spoil anything, it just made it better!

The characters all serve a purpose which is well defined and helps the story-line progress. Each character brings his/her share of laughter to the reader, without having an overload of humour.

Everything happens at a fast-pace, yet all at the right moment. I never once felt like something should've happened and it didn't. (Note - many writers make things go too fact between the main characters to attract audiences, but this ends up making things less exciting later on!)The author did a remarkable job of paced writing without losing the audience in the process, so awesome job and thanks.

What do I (personally) think could have been better?

I would've liked to see a bit more of Shaw and his football minions, besides just the chasing scenes, however if the author chose not to expand on that too much, I'm sure there was a purpose to it, and it didn't really affect the experience, so I'm not complaining.

Do I recomment it?


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