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* * * *

       "See you later, Gwen!!" Waving goodbye.

Gwen turns around, a smile on her face.

    Waving goodbye to Finn and I.

       "Bye, kid! Bye, Finn!!" She yells. Walking to class, with her little group of friend's.

       Finney and I continued walking, in the opposite direction.

    Finn turns to look at me,

       "How'd you arrived to school, so quickly?" Gulping, I look at him, confused.


      "You heard me. How'd you get to school so fast?" Looking down, sighing, I answer.

       "The Paperboy kindly offered to take me to school, with his bike." He raises his brow, shocked.

       "The Paperboy? The boy that delivers the newspapers?? That Paperboy?"

       "Yes. That Paperboy."

       "Oh. Well, that's kind of him. I guess," the both of us arriving class, entering the room.

       Taking a seat, looking towards Finn, I see Donna and him laughing, talking to each other.

    Smiling, I take my supplies out of my backpack.

* * * *

       The bell ringing, immediately, everyone makes their way out of the classroom.

       Packing up, exiting the classroom, I wait for Finney.

    Probably talking to Donnaa.

       Eventually, he walks out the room. With Donna, of course.

    Knew it!

    They talk for a bit, before saying their goodbyes.

       "Bye, Finney!"

       "Bye, Donna!" Finn waves goodbye, walking up to me with a huge grin on his face. His whole face, completely red!

    Smirking, I say

      "Oooh~!!" Rolling his eyes, hitting my arm.
    He say's

       "Stop it. Uh, ready to head to our next class??"

       "Oh, ya! But, first, I gotta get some things from my locker. So, meet you there, instead?" He nod's,

       "Alright. Bye!" Finn yell's, walking away.

       "Bye, Finn!!" Making my way to my locker.

    Getting to my locker, opening it, I grab the things that I need.

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