Chapter Thirty-Three - Bullies

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"You should go cry to daddy...oh no you don't have one of those, either." Meagan jumped in. "She acts all tough because nobody is there to protect her." Meagan pouted artificially, "Poor baby." She said in a childish voice.

That stupid song wouldn't stop. It felt like a blaring siren ringing in my ears. They had it on repeat. This was ridiculous. How was I letting them get to me? But I knew how. They hit me where they knew it would hurt.

I looked down at my hands. My fingers were shaking. I was starting to see fog but I knew it wasn't the air around was the haze of my own desperation. No mom. No dad. Wasn't that punishment enough? Apparently not.

Don't cry, Samantha-Jade. Don't you dare cry, goddamn it.

And I was trying really hard not to. I really, really was. But that song, the cover of Oliver Twist practically shoved in my face, it was all too much.

"What the hell is going on here?" Roman appeared from behind me. His face was ashen as he looked at Meagan and Stephanie. He snatched the Harry Potter book from Stephanie's hand. "Do you think this is funny?"

Stephanie's eyes widened in shock, "She-she-"

"She what?" Roman snapped. When Stephanie didn't come up with a response, he turned to Meagan. "I always thought you were an annoying bitch but it seems like you're worst. Fuck, you're Satan with blonde hair."

Meagan's face took on a fiery shade of red. "She deserved it."

"I don't hit girls but I'm growing really close to chucking this book in your goddamn face. Turn that fucking music off!" Roman growled.

She fumbled with her phone and the music came to a halt. "Why are you defending her? You can have Stephanie! She's so much hotter-"

"Shut your fucking mouth." Roman ground.

"Roman!" A voice behind us reprimanded him. "Don't talk to her that way." It was Terry.

Roman's eyes narrowed at his brother. "Do you see what she's doing?" He shoved the book in Terry's chest.

He looked at it in confusion. "Harry Potter?"

"Yeah. And fucking Oliver Twist." He pointed towards the book in Meagan's hands. "And they were playing that ridiculous Annie song on repeat a minute ago. Can you make the fucking connection?"

Terry's eyes widened. "Is he telling the truth?" He gasped as he looked at his girlfriend.

"She had it coming." Meagan said.

Roman shot her a dirty look before he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me. I didn't realize how badly my entire body was shaking until his arms restrained me.

"She had itcoming?" Terry repeated astonished. "Did she run over your dog? Or set your house on fire? Because anything less grave than that does not qualify for this amount of cruelty."

"Terry-" Meagan stepped forward.

"I don't really want to look at you right now." He cut her off. He threw the book in front of her feet on the snowy ground while shaking his head. He unlocked the Jeep doors and hopped into the driver's seat.

Roman opened the back door and ushered me in before he followed. Terry turned the car on and sped from the parking lot. I wiped a tear from my eyes. Terry glanced at me from the rear view mirror. "I'm so sorry, Sam."

"It's not your fault." I sniffled, burying my head in Roman's chest.

"She's right." Rome ran his fingers through my hair. "It's mine."

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