Chapter Thirty-Three - Bullies

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Chapter Thirty-Three - Bullies

I hate the way you look at me as if I was broken. And the perfection of my frailty has been questioned and broken.


In a few days, I was back at school with only a mild cough as a remainder of my cold. Ashton, on the other hand, was home sick. Maybe he had been right in not wanting to come near me. Emily and Christine thought it was adorable how Roman had taken care of me and it was safe to say they were back on board the 'Team Roman' wagon. Pierre didn't find it as cute but he said it was out of character for him. Not that Pierre would really know, he'd barely ever spoken to Rome.

During lunch, Pierre and I were hanging out near my locker when Stephanie Miller approached me. Her hair was up in this perky, long ponytail that swished side to side as she walked. She was dressed in tight yoga pants and a tight t-shirt that accentuated her curves. "Sam." She ground, eyes steely.

"Yes?" I looked at her innocently but knew to keep my guard up.

"Did you tell Roman to stop seeing me?" She narrowed her eyes. "Because if you did that's really pathetic and petty of you."

I rolled my eyes, "He doesn't need me to realize how much of a shallow bitch you are." Behind me, Pierre snorted.

She shot him a death glare before locking eyes with me. "You're going to regret it."

I refuted with my own stony stare. "Don't you dare threaten me."

"Too late." She smirked as if she were up to something. She left before I could utter another word.

I glanced at Pierre and rolled my eyes. "She's an annoying piece of shit."

"Tell me about it." He chuckled. "Let's go to the cafeteria."

It wasn't until after school that I understood what that look in Stephanie's eyes signified. For one, the word 'whore' was written in permanent marker on my locker door. It didn't faze me much. I took out my books and ignored it.

What got to me was what they had waiting for me near the red Jeep. Meagan was standing with Stephanie with a stack of books under their arms. One of their phones was on speaker playing the song 'Tomorrow' from the Annie musical at top volume. I stopped in my tracks.

"There you are." Stephanie grinned. "Thought the song would resonate well with you. What with Annie being an orphan and all..."

This wasn't just high-school-prank mean. This was emotionally scarring mean. "Fuck off." I gritted, trying to keep a straight face.

But that damn song kept playing over and over again. "The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow..."

Stop. This had to stop.

"And we brought you a few books that will remind you of what you are, and how little you really mean to the world." Meagan smirked evilly. She lifted a book Oliver Twist followed by A Series of Unfortunate Events. Stephanie shoved a book in front of my face, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. "They're all your people, Sammy." Meagan cooed.

"Tomorrow, so you gotta hang on til tomorrow..."

Cold sweat beaded on my neck despite the crisp winter frost. Puffs of visible air shot out of my mouth from the shallow breaths I was taking. Why the hell was I letting them get to me?

"Where's your mom, Samantha? Oh wait..." Stephanie smirked evilly. "You don't have one. No wonder you're so desperate to cling onto Roman, he's the closest thing to love you'll ever feel again...Well, I guess not anymore."

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