Chapter 29~ Gaara and Suzume VS Kimimaro!

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Gaara's POV

   "Who are you, anyway?" This guy said to Suzume. He had bones protruding from all over his body. Disgusting.

   "I'm a shinobi," Suzume said.

   I walked toward her from behind. "Of the Sand," I finished. She turned around, looking pretty happy to see me. Rock Lee, the one I faced in the exams, stood next to her.

Suzume's POV

   "Gaara and Suzume..." Lee said.

   "So you're Gaara," Kimimaro said, motioning to Gaara. "And you're Suzume," He said, before pausing. "Digital shrapnel!'

   I rolled my eyes. "Not THIS again!" I said, my arms crossed. Lee jumped out of the way,landing awkwardly on the grass behind us, and I allowed my wind shield to block the bullets. Gaara's sand did the same.

   "Impulsive, aren't you?" Gaara said to Kimimaro. He turned to look at Lee. "You're different. Last time we fought, you had much more agility and sharpness," He stated. Lee shakily stood up. I didn't realize how tall he was until then. Gaara and I only come up to his nose!

   "I figured you would was that. I'm not a person who likes to hold a grudge. Even so, I've had a fairly tough time of it." Lee admitted.

   Gaara didn't respond at first. He let the sand return to his gourd. "Really?"

   Lee switched the topic. "Anyway, why have you two come here?" He asked.

   "We owe the Leaf," I said.

   "We owe the leaf a great debt," Gaara added.

Gaara's POV

   Rock Lee got into an offensive stance. When I looked at him, blood was dripping from his arm to the grass. I remembered the chunin exams, when defeated him. He probably hasn't recovered from that yet. "We'll handle this," I said, looking at the bone guy. Suzume agreed with a nod of her head.

   "No, please! Just back me up," He insisted, running ahead.

   We've come here for a reason. From the looks of the bone guy he's a formidable fighter. "Suzume," I said.

   "Got it!" She answered, grabbing one of Rock Lee's ankles with wind. Using my sand, I cushioned the fall, as he landed face first.

   "Ack!" He spat. "I got sand in my mouth!" He lifted his head up and looked at Suzume. 'Will you please let go of me!" He pleaded.

   Suzume kept her grip on Rock Lee while the two of us walked toward the bone guy.

Suzume's POV

   "You're not doing anything in your present state," We said in unison. Lee sighed. "We got this."

   "Do not let your guard down!! This guy uses bones to attack! He can launch them like you saw before, and he can force them to protrude through his body! He is able to control them all at will!" Lee warned.

   Kimimaro backed up, and Gaara sent sand after him. I Let go of Lee. "Digital shrapnel!" He shouted. The finger bullets were fired at us again, but to no avail. Kimimaro kept dodging the sand, shooting more bullets at us any chance he got. None of them ever hit us.

   "Let me try," I said to Gaara. His sand flooded back to the gourd, as my wind poured from my container.

   "Wind," Kimimaro noted.

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