Lea's POV

"HE HAS A WHAT" Yn & Chris shouted together
"A kid a motherfucking kid, his name is Jayce Amil Alsina and that lil nigga look JUST like August, I'm serious" I said with fury in my voice." "Ok how did all this happen" "alright it happened about two hours ago"
**two hours earlier**
"August thank you so much for coming with me I really didn't want to come and spend our anniversary alone and a big ass amusement park with Yn & Chris ratchet,crazy asses" I said with a a huge ass smile. "No problem baby anything to keep you happy" he says kissing my soft lips "mm soft as ever" "yea those won't be the only lips I'll be kissing tonight" he said against my ear softly while I blush hella hard " now that, I can't wait for that""girl c'mon in with yo nasty ass" August said smiling while they both head to the next ride. By the next ride the two were just talking and laughing and having a good time when a young girl with a child who looks around two turns and calls August's name. "OMG AUGUST" "Uh yes that's me & who are you""oh you don't remember me August, its me Camille from the night at that club couple years ago where we went back to my place handled some business" *winks* August thinking real hard of where he remember where Lea just stands with her hand on he hip waiting for his response "WELL" Lea said "well what"" well where the fuck did you remember her from cause I know damn sure you wasn't with me cause if you was yo yellow ass would be with Mel right now" August was scared as shit now until he remembered "OH YEA BARTENDER GIRL"he said finally "yea not anymore how about business manger girl" she says with such confidence "yea whatever but what are you doing here""oh I'm just here with your son Jayce. You know he's quite the-""Wait did you just say MY son""oh yes the day after we had sex I found out I was pregnant and that was the first and last time I've had sexual intercourse with anyone and he looks just like you so I just named him Jayce Amil Alsina""THE FUCK LET ME SEE THIS BOY" Then all of a sudden and turns the carriage around and removes the blue Avengers baby blanket and reveals a sleeping baby Jayce sucking on an Avengers pacifier and damn right she was right that baby was a spitting image of August all I did was run off and cry my eyes off into the restroom I wasn't sad I was pissed and j just felt like I needed to cry. I know this was way before we even knew each other existed but I actually really wanted to have August first kid, guess I was just totally jealous that someone else had his kid and not me. Well, not everything's meant to be. After that I didn't even tell him I wasn't going back to the ride, I just left To go find Yn & Chris swallowing each other's faces off.
"And then it all leads to now" I say still semi-shouting and crying already half way loosing my voice "Aww boo don't worry about it ok August still loves you he just has to make sure it's his and if it is then he just has to make time for his child. If he's not going to take care of his kid, then he should not have stuck it in raw.""Yea alright imma catch you guys in a bit imma just go walk on the pier for a little bit, you know clear my head""Alright boo just call us when your ready ok""alright thanks"" no problem" After that I just turned and walked o. The pier till I just sat on the sat and stared at the water for a few minutes just listening to the few minutes of silence there is until an unknown shadow pops up and I turn and look and see a real fine boy standing above me. " Hi are you alright I just happen to pass by and hear weeping. Is everything alright?" "Oh no it's a long story""its ok I have no where to be now my family's gone I drove here I have time""well....if you insist, take a seat cuteness" I say both of us laughing "Well this cuteness has a name, I'm Nathaniel""Cute, I'm Lea""you know gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl" he says revealing his braces ugh boys with braces Yass but anyways back to the topic "Well if you must know" I tell him ever single detail and just by the look of his body gestures and movements I can tell he was listening to every single word I said "Wow so is it really his child""well that I don't know yet he might look like him but I just really want to be 100% sure that it's his""well it's nothing wrong with that""yea well I-""I'm sorry it's my mom I'll be right back""yea of course" I stay seated for about a minute or two until he returns "I'm so sorry Lea but my mom really wants me home it's getting super late and she gets worried very easily, so *writes his number down* "you should call or text sometime you know so we can hang out or something if it's fine with you"" yea sure i'd love that"" well alright I'll see you later then""yea sure, you know I'll walk with you I'm actually ready to go and I'm pretty sure my friends are wondering what I'm doing" I said getting up and walking "well alright, after you""why thank you sir" I say laughing. We just walk,talk, and laugh all the way to the parking lot and to his car. " So Saturday ice cream 3 o'clock Dairy Queen""yea sure can't wait" "bye Lea" "bye Nate" After all that I go back to Yn & Chris to see August with them and we leave and they drop all of us home and I go take my shower,plug in my phone, and go to sleep I was tired a shell after everything that happen today and just hope everything from now on becomes better.

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