Chapter One

As I step out the shower, I can hear the clattering of utensils touching plates, telling me that my family already started eating without me. I run to my closet, throw on the first pair of jeans I saw and run over to my drawers and pulled out the top shirt. Luckily, they matched. I then threw on my short black ankle heeled boots and grabbed my bag and run downstairs. Hopping down the steps, my nose is welcomed by the smell of my favorite breakfast in the world, white chocolate chip pancakes with eggs, bacon and sausage. But because I was on a time limit, I could only stuff so much of it in my mouth.

When I get downstairs, I see my brother already dressed and eating breakfast. Well, more like inhaling it. I don't get how boys can eat so much food and not get full. It's like their stomach is a garbage disposal, keep taking and taking food. As soon as I think this, my stomach growls loudly and everyone pauses to look at me. I smile sheepishly as my family smirks at me while I start taking food to go and chugging orange juice.

"I'm guessing the Kraken is hungry?" my dad asks while chuckling. I glare at him while my mom, brother and sister try hard to act normal and eat, but you can tell they are 4, 5 seconds from laughing. I, on the other hand, ignore them and continue to pack up the rest of the stack of pancakes to eat on my way to school.

As I turn around to quickly grab a bag for my food, I see the ground getting closer to my face. My face starts immediately hurting as I realized I slipped and fell on the ground. From syrup. My family can't hold in their laughter anymore as they all start hooting and cackling and banging on the table.

"Oh Car, only you can fail so hard and slip on maple syrup. Are you okay?" my sister asks while she pulls me up on my two feet. I look down at her and blow the hair out of my face.

"Yeah, I'm okay. My face just hurts now." I gently rub my face on the sore spot. I really hope that doesn't leave a bruise. I look at the clock hanging on the wall and it says 7:50. My eyes widen as my yell out " DANGFLABBIT" and throw on my jacket and backpack. I grab my car keys out of the dish and my food off the table while blowing a quick air kiss to my family and running out the house to my car.

I jump in the front seat of my orange 1958 Lincoln Continental convertible, throwing in the keys and speeding off. After speeding through some stop signs and taking sharp turns, I reach at my school, Valentin High School with 2 minutes before first period starts. I find an empty spot and, after turning off my car, I race through the parking lot and run inside the building, passing the stoners and the kids who cut class before it even starts. As I slide into my seat for English, the bell rings. I made it, right in time. I smile to myself even though I'm panting and sweating like I just ran a marathon. Geez Louise, I need to get into shape.

While I'm in mid thought about my debate between going to the gym and stuffing my face with a ton of pizza, my English teacher, Ms. Rodriguez, walks in. As usual, all they boys in here follow her every move, mouths slightly open and I'm pretty sure there's a bit of drool too. As the teacher starts writing on the board, the boys now change their attention from her face to her butt. Pigs, all of them. One of my best friends, Penelope, tapped me on the shoulder and passed me a note. I quickly glanced up to see if Ms. Rodriguez was looking, but she was too busy writing more notes on the board and teaching the students who were actually listening. I read the note which said, I heard there's two new students coming to school. Both in our grade. Both boys. I bet you they're hot as hell. I laugh lightly at my best friend, slowly getting boy crazed. At least she's recovering from her last boyfriend, Lee.

I don't know much about what happened, but it ended so badly that he left town and Penelope became less of herself. She was crying a lot for close to a year and becoming closed off and reserved. I look at her and smile to myself, you would never think she was diagnosed as depressed for half a year and had to be on suicide watch. I'm happy she's better now. I zone back into reality and have enough time to copy down the homework before the bell rings. My timing is really good today, hopefully my day keeps at this pace and I'll be in a good mood. I pack up my books and follow my best friend out the classroom, walking to our lockers.

As I'm switch my books for my next class, my other two best friends, Dominique and Desmond walk to up to me and Penelope and greet us.

"Hey guys," Dominique says with chewing gum. She loves gum, you'll never see her without a piece of gum in her mouth.

"Hey Mini, hey Des," I say, smiling warmly at them.

"Hey Car, how's your brother? I haven't seen in awhile," Des says while both Mini and Nel gush over the mystery boys soon to make an appearance at school. I don't care much for fawning over every cute boy I see or hear about. I have one boy in mind and he's standing right in front of me, asking about my idiotic brother.

"Ugh, don't even mention that dumbbell, I'm still very pissed about what he did to me this morning," I say, crossing my arms, my good mood slowly fading.

Mini and Nel look over at us, their interest now peaked of the new shenanigan my brother pulled.

"What did he do now?" Des asked, amusement already on his cute face. He has a cute face, his eyes and how they change from blue to green, his dirty blonde hair, his lips...

"Uhh, Earth to Carmen. Car, what did your brother do to you this morning?" He asks me, now looking at me with concern while my other best friends look at me with mischief written all over their faces. They know I have it bad for Des.

"O-oh right. He woke me up at 5 in the morning and scared me with a Halloween mask." I said, still in a daze.

"Well that's not too bad, maybe you just overre--"

"No, Nel, I'm not even at the half of it. He then proceeded to watch me fall out of my bed and somehow covered me with a bucket of glue, feathers, glitter and bright hair dye. I looked like a colorful peacock chicken rainbow vampire thingy. It was horrible! Luckily it was temporary dye that washes out, that would've been even worse," I say, huffing and frowning at my friends who were now laughing at me.

"Oh man, that is RICH. I wish I could've gotten a picture or a video or something!" Mini say, while holding her stomach and leaning against the lockers we are by. I glare at each of them, which only makes them laugh harder.

Once my friends sober up, Desmond bids us goodbye since his class is on the other side of the school. As soon as he's out of an earshot, my friends grab me and corner me.

"Okay, spill. We know you were kind of hesitant when telling that story and it wasn't only because of the googly eyes you were giving Des," Mini says as she cocks her head to the side.

"Yeah, we know something else happened that you aren't telling us, so now that Des left, you can tell us," Nel tells me, lightly rubbing my arm. I guess you can tell who would be good cop and who would be bad cop. So I proceeded to tell them about the mysterious boy who ended up in house. When I finished, they looked shocked yet intrigued, as my face probably was this morning.

"So what now? Do you think he was a burglar or maybe one of your brother's friends?" Nel speaks aloud.

"I don't know but we can finish this conversation at lunch," I say as the warning bell goes off and we each walk in a different direction to our next class.

Author's Note

Hey guys! Finally posted my first chapter :) Some author's do 'Song of the Chapter' or 'Book of the Chapter', well I'm going to movies! (Not sure if I'm the first or not, but oh well!) Now I'm not sure if anyone has read my bio but I am OBSESSED with anything Disney-related so you will be seeing A LOT of Disney things in this book lol. But anyways, the movie dedicated to this chapter is High School Musical because the trilogy may be my all time favorite Disney movie franchise.

And also Zac Efron. That is all.

X0X0 Dria <3

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