Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Boneheads

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Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Boneheads

Excuse mistakes, for I have yet to proofread

I can't express this enough, this chapter- and possibly the next few- will be written in third-person omniscient, meaning that it will almost be like I'm reading or telling this story to you, instead of Ava. The reason to this is because my usual first person Ava, who explains the story isn't aware of what is happening right now, so she cannot explain it to you and may never able to either. So this way you'll be able to know what's exactly going on even if Ava's not there.

And another thing I can't express enough is that this book is fictional, this means it's made up. Sometimes things may not add up scientifically/medically because unfortunately I'm only a fourteen year old girl and I get most of my knowledge from the internet. I've tried to make this as realistic as possible and do correct me politely if you see a mistake but if you do not know what you're talking about- then leave it be. Enjoy & happy readings.

Third Person View

Cooper was frantic from the moment Ava showed signs for loss of breathe. Somehow it had become difficult for Ava to stand straight, speak coherently, or breathe easily.

Cooper had jumped to her assistance immediately and made her sit down and relax on the ground before he called the ambulance in fear she could have a panic attack.

Some could say it was drastic to call an ambulance but Cooper acted on instinct from that moment on. Obviously something was going wrong, anyone could figure that out- What? Cooper figured a Doctor would be best to go to.

Fortunately Ava could hear muffles of Coopers voice or she might of went straight into a major panic attack but her vision was becoming blurry and she hadn't even realized she was fighting herself from going to sleep.

"Ava, Baby cheeks, just keep your eyes open for me." Cooper's voice was probably heard from around the whole block- He knew he didn't need to yell but his own panic had probably made him not even realize he was yelling, not to mention Ava barely even hearing it. "The Ambulance- They're- They're coming."

The usually calm neighborhood had ambulance sirens now circling the streets towards their current destination, some of the residents started to come out and check what the noise was for, and Cooper was cursing at how long they were taking.

Obviously Cooper knew they were coming as fast as they could but could you blame him for how he reacted.

Now in most cases it wouldn't have been as dramatic as this, but with the amount of emotions both of the two were feeling before added to it.

Finally the ambulance arrived, strapping her onto the stretcher for extra precaution and giving her oxygen to help her breathe. Cooper became worried that they wouldn't allow him on the ambulance with her because he wasn't family but he was relieved when they allowed him on without a question.

Sure, ambulance rates can cost as much as a small car but when Cooper called in, he easily accepted paying for it as long as she's okay. Especially when the ambulance could get her to the hospital way better than a motorcycle.

They arrived at the hospital within a good 3.38 minutes, not that Cooper was counting. Once they began rushing Ava in for immediate tests because they had no idea of what was going on, Cooper hadn't even thought about his fear for hospitals like all his other trips with Ava. This time all that was on his mind was her, and only her.

But Cooper defiantly was getting uneasy, not because he was in a hospital but because the thought of anything happening to her was, well it was almost unbearable.

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