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The Next Day. ☀️

"Y/N! Y/N!! My gosh, Y/N, WAKE UP!!" Sitting up, I look around, confused.

Looking down, realizing that I was still at my desk.

       Homework, unfinished. And, still wearing the same clothes from yesterday.

    Did I accidentally fell asleep??

Looking besides me, I see that Gwenny and Finn are all dressed up.

    The both of them looking down at me, confused.

       Finn sighs, taking a step forward.

"Y/N, you woke up late!! Gonna be late for school. Get dressed, c'mon! What time you fell asleep?"

       Looking away, still not fully awake.

    What time is it??I don't remember....


      "I-I don't remember!" Gwen looks me up and down,

       "Jeez, Y/N! You look like such a hot mess!!" Glaring at her, she shakes her head.

      "Sorryy!" She laughs.

"Get ready. School gonna start, soon. Gwen and I will meet you there." Finn say's, walking up to the door.

    Shocked, standing up. I say

   "Not gonna wait for me?!" He shakes his head,

     "Not trying to be late, now!!"

       "Bye, kid!!" Gwen yell's, making her way out of my room.

"Also, Robin stopped by earlier. Left a while ago, though, when we told him that you were still asleep."

       Putting on my socks, looking up at him shocked, I yell

       "WHAT?? My gosh, Finneyy....seriously?!"

       "SORRY! Bye!!" Groaning, I continue to get ready.

    Quickly picking out an outfit, changing.

    Quickly picking out an outfit, changing

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