The Attack

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I felt movement beside me and turned, half opening my eyes, expecting to see Daryl. My eyes opened a bit wider in confusion as I saw Riley standing beside the small bed, stretching.

"Riles?" I asked, slowly sitting up and running my hands through my messy hair. "Did you sleep in here?"

"Yeah, after you cried yourself to sleep I fell asleep," He answered.

I stared up at him in confusion a moment before everything that happened yesterday came back to me. Rick, Glenn, and Maggie came back, but Daryl didn't. "Oh, uh, thanks, Riley," I stuttered, not used to the young boy taking care of me. It was always me comforting him.

Riley smiled at me and left the cell, stating he was going to get some breakfast. After he left, I slowly stood from the bed and stretched, feeling my back crack and pop. I walked over to my bag of clothes. I quickly changed into a pair of jeans that I had to roll up into capris since they were too long and a dark blue shirt, that I was pretty sure was a guy's shirt, which hung off my small frame. I quickly slipped on some shoes and headed out to join the others for breakfast.

"You said you found Tyrese's group here?" Glenn asked Carl. They were both on the ground as I approached staring at a chalk drawing of the prison. I passed them and headed for the food, grabbing a bowl and sitting down in between Axel and Riley.


"We secured this," Glenn stated confused.

"He thought he came through here," Carl pointed to a spot on the floor.

Glenn sighed and said, "Means there's another breech. Okay. The whole front of the prison is unsecure." The last part he spoke to the rest of us gathered around. "If walkers just strolled in, then it's gonna be cake for a group of men."

"Why are we so sure he's gonna attack?" Beth questioned from her standing position beside the table we were sat at. "Maybe you scared him off."

"He had fish tanks full of heads," Michonne stated, leaning against a cell. "Walkers and humans. Trophies. He's coming."

"We should hit him now," Glenn said looking to Michonne.

"What?" Beth exclaimed softly.

"He won't be expecting it. We'll sneak back in and put a bullet in his head."

"We're not assassins," Carol pointed out.

Glenn ignored her and stood up, walking to stand infront of Michonne. "You know where his apartment is. You and I could end this tonight. I'll do it myself." Michonne nodded slightly, agreeing to help Glenn. "Okay."

"He didn't know you were coming last time and look what happened. You were almost killed. Daryl was captured." I flinched at the name, hurt and abandonment coursing through me, and narrowed my eyes. I was done crying over the man. If he could abandon me like that, then he didn't deserve my tears. "And you and Maggie were almost executed." Hershel stated, being the one with the common sense in the group.

"You can't stop me."

"Rick will never allow this."

"You really think he's in any position to make that choice?" Glenn fought back.

"Think this through clearly. T-Dog lost his life here. Lori too. The men that were here. It isn't worth any more killing. What are we waiting for? If he's really on his way, we should be out of here by now." Hershel tried reasoning.

Glenn scoffed. "And go where?"

"We lived on the road all winter."

"Back when you had two legs and we didn't have a baby crying for walkers every four hours." Glenn bit back.

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