Dirty Austin(:

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Dirty Austin Mahone imagine for @AustinsHairFlip

Today was the day Austin was turning 17. Yeah that’s right. IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY!!

You wanted to make him feel good on his special day.

You all were headed to Olive Garden for the night.

Once you all arrived, the waitress sat you guys at a huge table in the back so the paparazzi doesn’t get in the way.

You all start eating and ended up having a great time. Dave and Robert started dancing on the tables. Tyler and Zach started singing ‘Let Me Love You’ to Austin. Alex even added to the craziness by throwing food at the waitress.

All in all you were having a pretty good night.

It was getting kinda late and you really wanted to fuck Austin on his birthday. You knew that he wouldn’t want to leave just yet because he never really gets to see the crew. So you decided to jump start things a bit.

You set your hand down on Austin’s thigh and began slowly traveling up to his zipper.

His eyes widened but he didn’t object. You gently unzipped his pants and rubbed through his boxers. Immediately feeling his growing member.

You stick your hand into his boxers and begin stroking Clark.

He wraps his arms around your waist and holds tightly.

You begin pumping your hand up and down his dick.

“F-faster.” He whispers.

You smirk and obey, going faster and a bit rougher.

He moans quietly.

Just before he hits his climax, you stop and pull your hand away. He gives you the funniest face you have ever seen. You burst out laughing.

“We’re leaving.” Austin says, grabbing your hand and standing up.

“Where you guys going?” Alex asks.

“I think we all know.” Dave says while doing a hip thrust in midair.

Austin rushes you out of the restaurant.

He opens the car door for you and helps you get in. then he runs to the other side, gets in, and starts the car.

He begins driving super fast down the road to his house. His mom was gone, out with some friends you guessed.

He pulls into the drive way and runs to open your door.

He picks you up bridal style and runs to unlock his front door.

Damn, you think. I must have made him really horny.

As soon as you both enter his house, he slams the door and locks it. Then taking your hand, he leads you upstairs to his bedroom.

He picks you up and sets you gently on the bed. He brushes his lips against yours, not quite kissing you yet.

“Austin,” you moan. “Just kiss me!”

He crashes his warm lips against your as you begin making out.

His hands travel up and down your body. He removes your shirt followed by your pants, leaving you in your bra and panties.

Without breaking the kiss, he slowly and gently unclasps your bra. His eyes widen at the sight of your breasts. He leans forward and begins sucking on one while massaging the other.

Your moans fill the room.

Suddenly, you flip him over so you’re straddling him. You rip off his shirt. Then you pull off his pants along with his boxers.

You see Clark almost immediately. You lick your lips as you grab him and begin licking the tip slowly.

“Please don’t tease me Kaylen!” he says as he lifts you up and set you on his dick.

You feel pleasure immediately and by the sounds of Austin’s loud moans, you know he does too!

You begin to ride him. You’re bouncing up and down so fast on Clark that your boobs are flying all over the place. Austin grabs them and squeezes.

“A-Austin!” you moan.

He then flips you over with his cock still in you and begins thrusting in and out as fast as he can. He was going deeper than ever before.

“MMmmmm Austin!!”

“Scream my name baby! I want the neighbors to hear you!”


“Cum with me baby!” he yells.

“1, 2, 3!” you cum all over his dick and he shoots his warm, sweet, liquids up into you.

“That was…. You were…. Amazing.” He says. You smirk.

“Best sex ever. Happy birthday!”

“I love you so much Kaylen!”

“I love you too Austin!”

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