The man of my dreams...literally.---Chapter 1

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“Aislin!” He mocked.

“Come on give it back! I think my alarm's about to ring and I need my iPod for history class!”

“Um. Let me think. NO!” He laughed as he ran towards Mr.Lassiter’s yard.

He better not go in his yard, Mr.Lassiter wasn’t exactly the friendly type. But I had to laugh at his sparkling, ethereal looking flowers;  such a contrast to Mr.Lassiter’s personality.  Not that they had ‘normal’ flowers here, so Reve didn’t understand what was so amusing. But he did give a little smile at me, as I was doubling over in laughter.

While he stood there smirking a little, I leaped at him, tackeling him to the ground. It didn’t hurt him; the unnaturally bright green grass provided a cushion for us as we rolling around in the grass.

“HA! I got it! In your face Reve!”

“Whatever.” He tried to frown but his lips kept twitching up, amused.

“You better come back soon Aislin!”, he said.

“Yeah as if I could help it! And even if I fall asleep in history, you’ll be in bed!”

“You could always join me…” He smirked.

My laughing was interrupted by a faint beeping noise.  Reve couldn’t hear it, but I knew I had about 10 seconds left before I woke up.

I sighed. “Reve I have to go. I’ll see you later, okay?”

“Fine. Bye. Whatever.” Reve said sulkily.

“Come on! It’s not as if I can help it!” Reve could be pretty immature at times, but it made me feel happy that he wanted me to stay longer.

Reve smiled comfortingly and said “I know.”

I then felt a sudden jolt, and I was in my bed again.


I smiled. I had a great time with Reve. You might be wondered why I am not freaked out by this.

I have been having these dreams since I was 7, and I met Reve when I was 8. I am 17 now. 10 years is long enough to accept that your completely off your mind.

I am sad, not really, to say that Reve, a person who I am 99% sure does not exsist, is probably my closest friend. I mean sure I have Holly who is a great friend, and a few guy friends, but I can’t really talk to them like I can to Reve.

I sighed, time to get up. I had about 30 minutes to get ready and get to school. It used to be 45 minutes but Reve convinced me to set my alarm 15 minutes later.

I jumped out of bed and to the bathroom. After I washed my face I swiped on some eyeliner on the waterline of my silver looking eyes. I had some weird colored eyes, add that to the fact that I had a pupil distortion on my left eye. My pupil looked normal, but it had a tear drop shape coming out of the pupil downwards.

I hated the stares I got, but Reve refused to let me cover my eyes up with contacts. He loved my eyes.

I fixed my wavy black hair, but didn’t touch my naturally light tan skin or anything else.

I ran downstairs gave my mom and dad a kiss on the cheek, and ran out the door to my car.

After I hopped out of my beloved old red BMW, I ran inside to greet Holly in our homeroom after going to my locker.

Our school was really small like 1 story 10 teachers small. Everyone knew everyone, and while for some it was great, having your entire class with the exception of a few being your friends, I was one of the few outsiders.

The kids at our school picked on the new kids way too much, observing every little flaw until that was all they were, flaws. A new kid was coming tomorrow and everyone was gossiping about what little they knew about him.

I was getting really into my book until I heard someone say “Reve”. That caught my attention. I tuned in to the other kids talking and apparently the new kids name was Reve. He couldn’t possibly be MY Reve; I mean I didn’t even know if Reve even exsisted.


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