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* * * *

       Walking out of the Library, successfully, with two books, looking to the side, I gasp.

The boy, from inside!

       He's getting picked on by some random group of boy's, kicking him repeatedly.

       Putting my books down, grunting, I began running towards the scene.

    Kids these days....

       "HEY! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!" Yelling, pushing one of the boy's to the ground, causing them to scrape their knee.

       The other group of boys look at me, with a glare.

       "Who the hell do you think you are?!" Turning to look at them, I look them up and down, in disgust.

      "And who do you think YOU are? You're just a little kid. Hm, shouldn't you be at home right now, learning your time tables, or something??"

    They all look at each other, confused.

       Walking up to them, I crouch down to their height.

    "What's five times six??"


       "What's. Five. Times. Six?" Repeating my words, waiting for an answer.

    He starts to actually think,

       "I-I don't know-"

       "THEN GO, AND MEMORIZE THEM!!" Yelling, shoving him away.

    He look's at me, shocked. Than looks at his friends, signaling them to follow him.

       "C'mon guys! We gotta go!! She's insane!!" He yells.

    All three of them running away.

       Sighing, walking up to the boy, my face, softening.

    The boy looks up at me, processing on everything that just happened.

       Kneeling down, looking at him, I say

       "You alright? Here, I'll patch you up." I say, going through my pocket, taking out a couple of bandages that I had, just in case.

       I start placing the bandages to where the cuts were.

    "Thank you," He whispers, watching.

       "What for?" Still focusing on placing the bandages.

       "Helping me. Most of the time, people will just watch me get picked on, or just ignore it, walking away...." He say's. I, looking at him, frowning.

    Poor kid. People these days can be cruel....

       "I'm sorry about that. You don't deserve any of that. But, hey! You're all patched up, now?" I say, smiling.

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