Chapter-1 Despicable

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August 1,2022

Gazing at the wall clock like hundredth time, you feel your anxiety raising up,with each passing second. You can't stop thinking about the particular person who didn't return till yet.The clock is showing past midnight. Your mind couldn't fight back with those negative thoughts which are scaring you by saying......

What if something could have happened to him? The girl mentally prayed to keep him safe.

The haunting thoughts went away when the loud sound of the bell door fell into your ears.

You opened the door and the sight of your tired, exhausted and sweaty husband come in front of your eyes. His ironed tuxedo, settled hair, the tie and tidy shoes in which you admired your husband every morning are now messy,frizzy, stinky and wet.

The style which your husband completely hate.

Making everything perfect is the first thing in his list.....or can say first priority.

He is a immaculate and organized person,who doesn't hesitates to burst if his eyes catch a little bit of dust or any disarrangement and untidy things. And that's what you are trying to avoid by cleaning the house all day.

You are trying everything to not disappoint him because of your any silly mistakes.

Taking away the suitcase from his grip you leave a side for him to enter in the house with a small greeting.

"Welcome home....J-Jungkook."

Six months has passed and you still can't pronounce his name without stuttering. It's like your tongue don't allow you to do it.

It keeps betraying you.

A single word didn't slip from his pretty mouth just like those normal days where you both didn't do a proper casual talk like a normal couple. It would not be wrong if you say you didn't try to take the first step but before it can start Jungkook's hum....nod...and rude replies end the conversation.

The small and soft heart of yours heart always ache because of his cold behaviour and blank eyes. Well you can't even do anything you are not like those typical wives who shows their emotions if their husbands give them cold shoulder.

Hell you can't even look into his eyes.

Your eyes followed your husband who fall into the couch with a dry and heavy sigh. You pace towards the kitchen to bring him a glass of cold water after placing the suitcase on the glass table.

"J...Jungkook."Lifting his head up he looks at you having a glass in your hand. Grabbing it he gulp down it in one go without any complain.

"I-I think there was a lots of work today in office?"With a bit courage you ask in a hope he might answer.

"Hmmmm" Jungkook responded.

Why Jungkook? Why always this word?

"Uhmm dinner?" You asked taking the glass back.

"No I already had mine you carry on I am tired "

And with these few words he turn around and walk away leaving you with a broken heart and hopeless.
With a heavy sigh you went into the kitchen and look at the food which you prepared taking so much time and with.......Love. Your appetite was long gone. Grabbing the utensils you placed them in the fridge probably for next day use.

You badly want to serve to your husband and share the dining  probably expecting some

This always happens he rarely taste your food. The happiness of sharing dining with your husband is that you had never experienced in your married life.

Maybe he never accepted you as his life partner like you did. The time when you had tied knot with him your heart your body your Everything you had submitted to him. But seems like he wants more space to clear his thoughts maybe after some time he started to show some affection towards his wife.

He will understands you one day.

This line always builds a ray of hope in your heart every day.

Can say she is passing every single day in this hope.

Closing the room of your bedroom silently you tip toes towards the closet not wanting to disturb your already sleeping husband. After a quick shower you placed the wet towel on the chair and gently laid down on the empty space besides him.

Yes you both sleep in one bedroom, because of your mother-in-law who keeps giving surprise visits just to look if you both are living happily and together or not. So now you both have to pretend.

Nothing is from heart everything is forced.

Tossing towards his side you look at Jungkook who is sleeping with mouth open looking completely opposite to what he show himself in daylight.

From a cold, expressionless monster

To a soft, squishy, Adorable human.

Tracing the tip of your finger on his forehead to remove the brown locks you questioned him in a whisper.

"When you will start to think that you have a wife?"

"When will you speak sweet words to me?"

"Will you ever realise that I am carving for you,for your love?"

"How much time will you take,just to show your feelings to me Jungkook?"

"I am waiting,waiting for the day when you will look at me with some care.I am waiting and hoping

For you Jungkook

For my husband."

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