Just a Month (SFW)

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Part 1

"So.. how much time do they have left?" Your grandfather asked nervously.

"I'm sorry to tell you this sir but.. they only have a month and a week left." The doctor said sadly.

You just lied there on the hospital bed, listening to their conversation about your nearing death.

"Can't we do something about that?! They've barely lived!" Your bestfriend yelled at your doctor, comforting your already sobbing grandpa.

"I'm really sorry sir... I really am.. but unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. Their heart is slowly failing and it is not pumping blood as well as it should." The doctor said, understanding your bestfriend's rage.

"Just.. leave.. thank you, doctor." Your bestfriend sighed, sitting your grandpa down on the couch, next to your bed.

"Shh hey.. it's fine.. I'm okay." You said weakly yet smiling, completely opposite to what you're saying.

"No it's not fine! Nothing's fine! No one's okay!" Your bestfriend shouted at you.

Not minding his rants, you just kept smiling at him, a hint of sadness in your eyes.

"So.. what do you wanna do until.. you know.." Your bestfriend asked, voice quieter than before.

"I'll decide tomorrow.. I just wanna sleep right now." You sighed tiredly, drifting off to sleep.


Part 2

You woke up to a bright light, shining from the window.

You looked around to see your grandpa with a tear-stained face, peacefully sleeping on the couch, and your bestfriend sleeping beside your bed whilst holding your hand.

Your doctor walked in and they jumped awake.

"I'm sorry for the intrusion but I'm here to tell you that (your name) is free to go outside and do the things they want to do as long as it doesn't require a lot of energy, or anything that can make their heart tired. Which means no running, no exhausting exercises, and no emotional pain. I want them to enjoy their remaining time and not just be cooped up in the hospital." The doctor said.

"Can I go out today, doc?" You asked, hopeful.

Your bestfriend looked at you, "Why? Do you have anything planned already?"

You just shrugged at him and waited for the doctor's response.

"Yes you can..." She smiled sadly at you.

You thanked her and then she left the room. You asked your bestfriend for your phone and he gladly gave it to you.

You opened your messages and began texting the person you want to spend the time you have left with.


Part 3

- In-text -

(you): hii ♡

(him): hey

(you): wyd?? :)

(him): tv

(you): why do you text so coldly 😔


You chuckled as he just read your message.


(you): anyway.. are you free today?

(him): depends. what do you want

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