⏤͟͟͞͞☆ THE 'BOY' AT THE LIBRARY. ⏤͟͟͞͞☆

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* * * *

       Arriving class, entering. Immediately, everyone's eyes turned, to look at me.

       Standing near the door, awkwardly, I make my way to my desk, sitting down besides Finney.

       Finn turned to look at me,

       "Where were you....?" He whispers, disappointed.

    Looking at him, I reply

       "Taking with 'the' Bruce. Y'know? The popular guy? The boy EVERY girl talks about? Him. Nice of you to not notice that I wasn't there with you! Could've been kidnapped, or something. And, you wouldn't even notice!" Finn stares at me, shocked.

       He shakes his head,

    "Jeez, sorry? And, popular Bruce? As in....Bruce, Yamada?" I nod,

       "Ya! That Bruce."

       "Why would he even want to talk to you for, out of all people?" Shocked, I glare at Finn.

       Finn notices, immediately apologizing.

       "SORRY! Didn't mean it in the disrespectful way, sheesh." Sighing, Finn looks away, minding his own business again.

       Shaking my head, looking at the board, gasping.

    We're doing a new project!

    Looking at Finney, grabbing his sleeve, trying to get his attention.

       "Finn! We're doing a new project? Wanna be-" I stopped talking, noticing that Finn wasn't even listening!

       He was distracted by something. Or, maybe even someone.

Whatever it was, he couldn't look away.

Looking to see what he was staring at, I see that he was staring at....Donna!

       Smirking, pulling his sleeve, trying one more time to catch his attention.

       "FINN....!" Jumping, Finney look's at me, confused.

       "W-What??" Rolling my eyes, I say

       "We're doing a project! I was WONDERING if you wanna partner up??" I say, with an attitude tone. He nod's,

       "Sure. Ya,"

       "Kay'." Looking ahead, bored.

       The teacher then enters the classroom, putting his glasses on, smiling.

       "Alright, students! Today, we're going to be doing a new project! This is a two person partner project." He say's.

       "Well, alright. Everyone, get up, and partner up with whoever you want!" Everyone, immediately getting up.

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