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Hearing my alarm go off, slowly, I wake up.

    Sitting up, letting out a big yawn.

    Opening my eyes, immediately, getting out of bed, doing it, I check the time.

       "6:30...." Smiling, waking up exactly at the time I wanted to wake up on.

       Slipping on my pairs of slippers, making my way out of my room, opening the front door, I sit down on the steps, waiting patiently.

Hearing a bell ring, smiling even wider, looking to the side, I see him.

    Paperboy, and his little helper.

       His cute, golden retriever dog. Watching him deliver the newspapers to the houses, I get up, giving him a small wave.

       Noticing me, a smile forming on his face, he waves 'hello' back.

He look's away, reaching for a newspaper, throwing it towards my direction.

       Taking a step forward, successfully, I grab the newspaper, smirking.

Looking up, I say

       "Thank you, Paperboy! Have a good day!!" Nodding, he replies

       "You too, Miss!!" Waving goodbye, pedaling to the next house.

Making my way back inside, shutting the door, I gently place the newspaper on the coffee table, walking to my room, to start getting ready for School.

Every single day, even on the weekends, I would wake up early.

    Just to go outside, and see the Paperboy.

       Even if I'm only just seeing him for just a couple of seconds.

    It always brightens my day being able to see him, and say hello.

       Always wanting to thank him for his hard work, knowing that I'll be too tired to even try doing his job.

We've never actually talked, talked, in person. Face-to-face.

    But, I already could tell that he is a very kind, and respectful person.

I also get up really early so I can have time to properly get ready, before Robin make's his way here, to walk me to school.

       We've always walked together to school, sense the 4th grade. In Elementary.

    We're both still very close friends.

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