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       Feeling a light tap on my shoulder, slowly, I  began to wake up.

       "N/N. Hey, Y/N. Time to wake up. Gotta take you back home. It's getting late." Robin whisper's, shaking me.

Groaning, I shake my head.

       Sighing, Robin say's

       "I know. Sorry, Y/N. But you gotta wake up. Don't wanna worry your parents-"

       "Dad. Just my dad." I correct. He nod's,

       "Sorry. Don't wanna worry your father." Giving in, I sit up, roughly rubbing my eyes.

       Getting up, picking up my backpack.

    Robin quickly runs to the kitchen, coming back.

       "Kay', my uncle is getting ready, to drive you back home. Then, we'll be on our way." Nodding, we sit on the couch, in comfortable silence, waiting patiently.

       His uncle then enters the living room, holding up his keys, shaking them.

       "Alright, let's get going, you two." He say's, all three of us making our way outside, getting inside the car, driving off.

       Robin sits besides me, buckling his seatbelt.

       Robins uncle breaks the silence,

       "So, did the two of you have fun?" Nodding, I say

       "Ya, we-"

       "YES!! So much fun! Had fun hanging out with Y/N. Hopefully we can do this, again!" He interrupts, sounding so happy, explaining everything that happened, in so much detail.

       Looking at Robin, my eyes soften, smiling.

       Robins uncle nod's, smiling.

      "Nice. Glad you two had fun. Uh, also, Y/N?" Looking at him, I say


      "Is this your place??" He asks, pointing. Looking, sure enough, it was. Now, back home.

       "Yes, this is mine's!" He nods,

       "Alright! Kay'. Robin, get out, and walk her to the door." Robin raises his brow,

       "Wait, What?!" His uncle rolls his eyes, annoyed.

       "Robin, be a gentleman. Walk her to the door."

       "Alright, alright." He says, getting out, running to my side of the car, opening the door for me.

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