Amzy's pov

I woke up and firstly i didn't understand where am i ? Then i remember its guest room of khala's house ! I stood up from the bed and walked to my wheeler ! Opened it and took my green shalwar kameez!

I walked upto the washroom and took a hot shower which relax my muscles ! I wore my shalwar kameez and walk to the mirror and set my self and walked down ! I saw khala making breakfast ! "Can i help ? " i asked and she turn and noded hàppily !

I was helping her with the breakfast when everyone came down! Zee came running towards me ! He was already ready ! "Baby apko kisne shower diya ? " i asked and he didn't reply but lower his gaze ! I bend down and lift his face ! "I asked you something zaroon ! " i said in a strict tone !

"I didn't slept with nano! " he said and my eyes widened ! " phr kis k pass soye ! " i asked harshly ! "Amsal wo kal raat ko khala pareshan ho rahi thin ! Tou zee ko main ne sula liya tha ! " shehry said and i sigh deeply .

"Magr shehryaar tmne kyun ise sulaya mjhe batate main zee ko apne pass sula leti ! Tmhen pareshani hui hogi ! " i said in a polite tone and he said smiling "no its okay bilkul tang nahi kiya ! Blkey pehli dafa itna sukoon wala bacha dekha hai " . i smile on his statement and bit my lower lip .

We were doing our breakfast when i remember about ruksana ! She didn't came to meet me ! But where is she ? My house was closed ! "Where's ruksana ? " i asked up and everyone turn towards me ! Like i was an alien or something !

"Amsal hassan yad hai ? Jo humare acting class main hota tha ! " shehry said and i noded . "he use to love ruksana ! So they got married like 2 years ago ! " shehry added and my jaw dropped open ! Then a smile instantly came to my face !

"Ab smjh aya hassan projects k liye ghar kyun ata tha !" I said and everyone started to laugh with me expect maha ! She was quietly munching on her breakfast !

We were done with the breakfast ! I helped khala to clean everything ! Then i told khala that i have to go and clean my house so me, maa, papa and zee could move there ! Khala didn't listen me first then finally said yes !

I walked upto my room for some rest ! I came in my room ! Firstly i laid on my bed and then walked upto the balcony ! And it was attached to shehry's ,sain's and my room ! I stood in the balcony ! When i heard sain's balcony door open! He stepped out but then step back " don't worry ajao main katun gi nahi tmhen hussain ! " i said and smile while looking out!

"Emmm wo main socha tha shyd tm akele khara hona chah rahi ho! " he said , look away from me !  I took a deep sigh "tien saal akeli rahi hun ! Ab akele nahi rehna " i said and now this time i looked at his face!

"Waise tmhe kuch keh k gayi thi ! " and i turn towards him! And he furrown and looked at me! The anger boiled up at me ! "Sorry hussain ! " i said and he furrown deeply and slap him ! Right on his face !

Sain's pov

She slapped me God why? "Ouch ye kis liye mara? " i asked and she took a deep sigh ! "Kyun i trusted you ! I told you to take care of shehryaar! " she said .

" i tried but he always jerked me away or else he never talked with me! " i said and looked down! "See hussain ! Tm us k bhai ho ek dafa ja k use galey laga lete ! Ya jhuk jate tou wo maan jata! Because he's so soft hearted ! " she said and then caressed my cheek on which she slapped !

"Well fariyal kaise hai? Tm dono ka relation kahan tk pouhancha? " she said and her old playfull smirk is back! "Emm we are just friends ! " i said and she laugh ! "Meri shadi pe tou main ne dekha hi nahi tha ! Kaise chipak chipak k dance kr rahe the !."

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