Scuff giggled a bit, climbing onto the bed and rubbing his cheek against mine, something I had learned was a sign of affection. I rubbed my cheek back and gave him a quick squeeze. “Tell Maxie I’ll be out in a second.”

            “Okay.” He nodded and scampered from the room. I giggled, I loved that kid so much. Looking around the room in a still-kinda-sleeping daze I spotting a pair of sweats and a baggy tee on the edge of the bed. I numbly slipped them on and opened the door to see Nathan working on homework on the coffee table in the living room and Maxie in the kitchen doing dishes.

            “So.” Nathan put down his pencil and gave me a wolfish grin. “She rises from the grave.”

            “You realize I would have torn your throat out if you dumped water on me in my sleep.”

            “What if I took a picture of you doing that weird ballerina pose that you do with the pillow.” He imitated said pose while lightly snoring.


            Maxie put down the wash cloth and wiped her damp hands on her pants, coming to sit on the sofa next to Nathan. “What happened last night?” She got straight down to business.

            “It was this guy I was having dinner with.” I started. “He just drove me insane.”

            “How?” Nathan asked curiously.

            “I got this huge urge to run, he freaked the shit out of me.”

            “Any particular reason why?”

            I shook my head. “Just the way he looked at me or talked, I guess. No one else seemed to notice.”

            “You think it could be the hunter?” Nathan turned to Maxie.

            “Yeah.” Maxie nodded.

            “Wait. That was the hunter?” I asked.

            They nodded in unison.

            “What are we going to do about it? Should we go after him or something? Threaten him or break his leg or-“

            “Kate.” Maxie interrupted me. “Chill, okay? Did he see you transform?”

            “No. Not that I know of anyway.”

            “Then you’ve got no reason to freak. He’ll only go after you if you give him reason.” Maxie assured me.

            “It felt like…” I leaned against the doorway and rubbed my eyes. “It felt like he knew.”

            “That’s the general feeling you’ll always get with hunters. It’s all in your head Bitch.” Maxie got up and patted my arm, going back to the dishes. I continued to lean into the doorway and rub my eyes.

            “Did something else happen?” Nathan asked causally, taking a sip of the coke he had next to his homework.

            “My brother, Jeff. I was about to tear apart this squirrel and he saw.”


            “It’s just…I hate it. I hate being like that in front of him, it’s gross.”

            “There’s nothing wrong with it, Kate.” He set down his coke and faced me sternly. “This is who you are. You’re not human anymore, human mannerisms don’t apply to you.”

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