Chapter 2

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            It was dawn around the time I had gotten to Maxie’s place, which gave me a better idea of just how long I was running. Too long. I howled up to Maxie, who dragged herself to the window, rubbing sleep out of her eye. The sight of me sitting in wolf form won me an exasperated sigh when she gestured with her head to come up. I climbed the fire escape with my tail between my legs, getting the feeling that I was in for a lecture or something awful like that. Maxie wordlessly held the window open for me as I jumped in, failing to suppress a yawn.

            Maxie’s apartment, while very convenient for pack purposes, was by no means a five star living environment. One could imagine the salary she gets from running a taco stand in town, and she still needed to stretch it to provide for two hungry mouths. The result was a small two bedroom apartment with peeling paint and a kitchen slightly ajar, connected to a living room that was smaller than my parent’s bathroom. I felt sorry for the pack often when I came here, me being the only one with decent accommodations. Regardless, this was our pack’s HQ, take it or leave it.

            I padded into Maxie’s room, leaping onto her bed and letting the change come over me. My senses dulled as I started to slip into sleep, only to be woken up by a smack on the shoulder. Somehow a blanket had been draped on me in the process. I blinked, fighting sleep hard.

            “What’s the deal Bitch, what happened?”

            “It’s…” I yawned again. “A long story.”

            She took a moment to assess my appearance before nodding. “Alright, get your sleep. I’ll call up your school and your parents.”

            “Can you do that?” I asked, half dazed.

            “Alphas have certain legal rights kept hidden from humans. Don’t worry about it.” She brushed off my comment and closed the door behind her, leaving me and all my nude glory to sleep on her bed, again. I was all too happy to honor her request, letting myself slip into what would hopefully be a dreamless sleep, letting go of all my worries from the night before.

            “Sister.” Scuff nudged me awake. I blinked a couple of times, but my body refused to give up on rest just yet. “Sister, please get up.” Scuff asked politely.

            “Five minutes, Scuff, and I promise I’ll get up.”

            “But Nathan-he said ‘If Kate doesn’t get her naked ass out of bed I’m going to dump a bucket of cold water on her.’”

            That made me shoot out of bed like a torpedo, then self consciously cover myself in sheets. Of course, werewolves (or at least those who were used to being werewolves) didn’t care much about nudity, but I still caught myself in the habit of covering myself up. I just didn’t think it was right for five-year-old Scuff to see my god-given gifts. Personally I thought it was warping his development, no matter how many times Maxie assured me that all werewolf guys were used to it. She often used the fact that no one cared about being bare in wolf form, but I would argue with the fact that we at least had our pelts to cover us. In human form I had nothing but my pasty-white skin and my baby-maker. That was the definition of not cool.

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