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Jocelyn's POV
The words came out of Ms. T's mouth " you are dismissed I saw Marina running like its the end of the world I really don't blame her. I started to run, I got to homeroom packed all my stuff then left hell aka school (it's really not hell with your friends by I am just being sarcastic 😬) I saw Shawn my bæ, Nash, Hayes, Marina, Kimberly, Jennifer, Kalolaine, and Matthew. I ran up to them and said "ready" "ya" they all said we went to in the bus cuz we can't all for in a car so ya

We got to the bus and we all sat and talked until we got yo my house. Honestly I don't know what I would be doing if we weren't all best friends, yes I know it might sound crazy half of us just met today but we are all true friends. As I got interrupted Shawn say "we're here" I smile and get up and get my bag like everyone else is.

We walk till we get to my house, I get my key and open the door and say " IM HOME" my mom comes and says "oh hi I'm gonna go to work I see you brought your friends over" "ya, sorry mom I forgot to text you about it" "it's, ok speaking of your friends where is Jai." she says concerned "oh he were-" I got cut of by Kimberly "he had to go home" she blurs out "oh ok well I got to go if you guys get hungry go to somewhere to eat" my mom says "ok well thanks mom bye" I say then she leaves.

"Well.....shall we start with homework" Matthew asks "why don't we go to Starbucks and order something and sit AND do are homework" Marina says like its the best plan ever everyone agrees and we call uber to come.

-10 minutes later-

I heard honking. " hey I think the driver is here" Nash says we all got are backpacks and went to the car "where will you be heading" the driver asks "the nearest Starbucks" Shawn says oh god is perfect he kills me. The car ride was silent cause it's awkward to talk when there is a person you don't know. We got to Starbucks and everyone ordered we found a huge table and we all sat starting to do are homework, while drinking Starbucks drink or eating. "Hey do you guys know what test chapter we have for Math" I ask "ya it chapter 2.4" Matthew says "thx" I say "no promblemo" he says smiling I lightly chuckle.

-30 minutes later-

"Are you guys finished" Kalolaine asks we all said she and we got up. We decided to walk cause my house was literally 3 minutes away. " so what happen with you and Jai" Marina asks " well, he told me is gonna leave to Australia and he isn't coming back till probably collage" Jennifer says as we all gasped " I know I can't believe it" Jennifer says "no not that look oh my lord is that Jai" I say they Jennifer looked and her eyes widened she ran over to Jai who hanged himself on a crowbar with a rope all the boys get Jai down while Kalolaine called the paramedics.

2 minutes passed we did CPR on Jai and no hope the paramedics came and one of us can only go so of course Jennifer went we were all in tears. I called Jai's mom and told she was crying in the phone like a it's the end of the world I really don't blame her. I just wonder how Luke is gonna take this I mean it his twin brother. Today was suppose to be are best day of are life's but it turned out to be the worst.

It's been an hour and we were all at my house we all are told are parents. They said we are all gonna sleep over and not go to school till next week. Kalolaine's phone started to ring "hey,any good news" she says and put it in speaker " ya the good news is that he didn't die" we all let out a sigh of relief the moment when she says he didn't die " but-" she continues " if he doesn't wake up tommorow he is considered dead" " oh" Kalolaine says "well are you gonna stay in the hospital" Kalolaine asks " no, cause Jai's mom insists me too. She said she will keep us informed" Jennifer says " ok well I am on my way" Jennifer says and she hangs up "I hope he wakes up tommorow" Hayes says "all of us do" Marina says.

"I don't get it why would he do something like that" Kalolaine says crying while I hug her "I think because of Jennifer" Shawn says "me too" I say. We heard a knock on the door and saw Jennifer we all got up and hugged her. " Jocelyn, do you mind if I shower" Jennifer asks " ya, sure go ahead " I say "thanks" she says.

Jennifer's POV
I got in front of Jocelyn's house and knocked I opened it, they all looked at me and they all came up hug me. "Jocelyn, do you mind if I take a shower"I ask " ya, sure go ahead" she says I walked upstairs and turned on the shower and went in. It was kinda made me relaxed since what happen. As I was showering I heard someone come in the house I wonder who it was.

Nash's POV
We were sitting down in the couch and we heard a knock I opened the door and saw someone I thought wouldn't see if was......................

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