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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 20

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A/N: Glad you guys are enjoying the story :DDDDD Hope you like this part, there is a posibility of Percabeth...

Facebook, Chapter 20

Thalia Grace has updated her satus~

So has anyone heard or seen of Percy or Annabeth in the past three hours? Cause if they don't show up soon the Hunters and I will be out looking for them.


Nico Di Angelo: That wouldn't be such a good idea Thals

Thalia Grace: And why is that?

Nico Di Angelo: Check the Aphrodite cabin page and look  at the recent photos

Thalia Grace: 0-0 my eyes they burn

Piper McLean: they were just kissing Thals, nothing to be worried about

Thalia Grace: Uh, yeah that's why my eyes burn

Nico di Angleo: Why else would they-- Aphrodite cabin what have done?!

Thalia Grace: Look on the Mobile uploads, third row the fifth picture.

Nico Di Angelo: O_O what have you done.

Piper McLean: Uh....

Thalia Grace: My god the image won't leave my mind, it's just imprinted.

Nico Di Angelo: Same. Piper when was that taken?

Piper McLean: Uh.....

Nico Di Angleo: Piper we are being very calm about this, but if you don't answer we will come in there and rip out all of the Aphrodite: Hair products, magazines, makeup, cloths, EVERYTHING THAT YOU HOLD DEAR TO YOU.

Piper McLean: Uh.....

Thalia Grace: Answer one question. Just one.

Piper McLean: OK, what?

Thalia Grace: Why do you have a picture of Nico and I kissing on Facebook?

Piper McLean: It's Drew's fault!

Drew Takanaka: Uh.....

Thalia Grace: When was this photo taken, DREW

Drew Takanaka: Uh.....

Thalia Grace: You do realize I'm a Hunter of Artemis right?

Drew Takanaka: Yes

Thalia grace: OK, good. Now tell me when this taken and you won't have the ENTIRE group of Hunters coming to kill you. This does include Artemis.

Nico Di Angelo: and a group of undead soldiers, hell hounds, and ME

Drew Takanaka: Uh....

Thalia Grace: so Nico want to get your group ready?

Nico Di Angleo: Sure you have the Hunters ready in say ten minutes?

Thalia Grace: lets make it Five

Nico Di Angelo: no prob:D See you then!

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