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harry potters lost twin

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Background on the Potter Twins:

Harold James and Hailey Elisabeth Potter were born on July 31st 1980 to James and Lily Potter of Godric's Hollow. When their parents died, Harry and Hailey were sent to live with the Dursleys, they're only living relatives. The Twins spent most of their lives sleeping in a cupboard under the stairs, until they were too big to fit in there together. Then they were moved to their cousin's second bedroom.

Hailey Elisabeth, Or Ella as she liked to be called, looked just like her mother. She has long curly dark red hair. One of the only things she got from her father (other then her love for pranks) was her big almond shaped hazel eyes. Ella was always a quite child growing up, but that was most likely because her Aunt and Uncle would yell at her when she opened her mouth to talk.

Harold James, Or Harry as most knew him, looked like his father. His Black hair stoke up every which way, and couldn't be tamed. Lily Potter had passed down her almond shaped emerald green eyes to her son, and her love for books. Since Harry was four he had been reading anything he could get his hands on. Harry, unlike his sister, was an out spoken child growing up. When his relatives would yell at him, Harry would always yell back. But things would only get worse after.

When the twins were 11, they received letters saying that they were accepted to Hogwarts School. The Dursleys, after a haft giant named Hagrid almost scarred them to death by giving their Son, Dudley, a pig tall, had agreed to let only one of them go. After a long talk, they decided that Harry would go. Every summer that Harry was home, He would tell Ella every thing he had learned that year. And Ella would read his books and notes from Hogwarts. Harry's friends didn't know that he had a sister, He was afraid to tell anyone, out of fear that it would get back to Voldemort and put Ella in danger.

Our story starts Fifth year, Harry went to #12 Grimmauld place, to stay for the rest of summer, leaving Ella with the Dursleys. Now, I think it's time to join the trio, who just sat down for Breakfast.

Prologe: Trouble with Ella

The grate hall was filled with students, and was alive with the noise of all the talking teens. Harry Potter sat at the Gryffindor table with Ron, Hermione and Ginny. He ate silently, every now and then looking up at the windows. It had been two weeks since he had received any news from privet drive. Harry was vary worried. Was Ella ok? Had something happened to her? Hermione glanced up at Harry; she was starting to get worried about him. He wasn't eating right (again!) and barely paid any mind to what anyone said to him. It was vary odd.

"Harry?" Hermione asked "Are you ok? You've been acting vary odd lately" Harry nodded, not even looking up from his plate. She sighed; maybe she should write to Sirius and asked him what to do?

"Hermione?" Ron asked, bringing her out of her thoughts.

"What is it?" She asked, looking across the table at him. Ron looked to the teachers table then back to her before replying.

"Where's Snape?" He asked, Hermione frowned her brow then looked up to where Professor Snape should have been, only to see an empty seat.

"Who knows? Maybe he's doing something for Dumbledore?" She said, looking back to Ron.

"Or maybe he's sick! And we won't have to deal with him today!" Ron replied, smiling at her. Before Hermione could open her mouth to reply, however, the grate hall doors were thrown open and in walked Snape. But it wasn't Snape that every student turned to see or cranked their necks to get a good look at. Walking slowly somewhat behind him was a girl about the trios age. Her curly red hair hung in her eyes as she stared at her feet, as if she was scared to look up at anyone. She wore simple blue jeans, that had a hole in the left knee, and that were splashed with what looked like white paint. Her green long sleeve shirt looked to be two sizes too big for her small frame. And the shoes on her feat had clearly seen better days. In her hands was a plain black note book, which she was hugging to her. As Professor Snape walked up to the teachers table, she stopped walking. She just stood there, staring at her feat. The whole hall was quite. The only sound was Snape's foot steps, as he walked to the front.

Harry looked up from his plant when he heard the hall go quite. Everyone seemed to be looking at something.

"What's everyone looking at?" he whispered to Hermione.

"That girl" she quickly replied. Harry frowned then looked up at her. His eyes went wide, it was Ella. Her paint splashed jeans from when they had painted the Dursleys fence that summer, and the hole from when she fell trying to out run Dudley and his friends. The note book in her hands Harry knew to be the book where she put all the letters he sent her. But there was something odd about her. Maybe it was the way she stood there, favoring her right lag, or how she would gasp with any deep breath. Something was wrong with her. Quickly making up his mind, Harry jumped to his feet. He heard Hermione calling his name, but he had to see if Ella was alright. Quickly, he walked over to his sister and stood in front of her. Now that he was standing right in front of her, he realized she was crying.

"What did he do to you?" Harry whispered, only loud enough for Ella to hear. Finally, she looked up. Harry gasped. Ella's lip was bleeding, and a bruise was quickly forming on her right cheek. She had a black eye as well.

"I'll kill them" He whispered again.

"Harry, NO!" She whispered, He didn't listen, he quickly turned and walked too the teacher's table. Ella sighed and followed her brother slowly.

"Professor!" Harry said walking up to where Snape and Dumbledore were talking. Professor Dumbledore looked over at him. "What happened to Ella? Did the Dursleys do that to her?" He asked as Ella came to stand next to him.

"I'm afraid so, my boy" The Headmaster replied. "Mrs. Figg sent me a letter last night, telling me of dear Ella's trouble with the Dursleys"

Harry nodded then turned to Ella.

"Why didn't you write? I was really worried! And for good reason I see!" He said, Ella looked back to her feet, then whispered

"He wouldn't let me" Harry sighed, then took his sister's hand.

"Mr. Potter, please take Ella to the hospital wing? I'm sure Poppy will fix her up" Harry nodded and he and Ella walked out of the hall. Hermione and Ron jumped up and quickly followed Him.

They walked in silence. Every once and in a while Harry would look over to his sister. Finally, he couldn't take it.

"What set him off this time?" He asked, quietly. Ella squeezed Harry's hand before talking

"Work, I think started. Then Dudley was sent home from school after getting in a fight. Then..." she stopped. Harry looked up at her, Ella was looking anywhere but him.

"Ella? what happened?"He asked, Ella sighed, then went on.

"Then, I dropped a plate. I was sick that day, and I stood up to fast. and I had grabbed Uncle Vernon's plate, and when I stood up, I got light headed and fell down. Dropping the plate. Uncle Vernon yelled then grabbed me by the hair...and pulled me up stairs." She whispered

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