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After everything calmed down a bit, two teachers entered the scene, taking the boy to the nurses office, so he could get all patched up, and taken care of him.

       None of the teachers even bothered to say a word to me, when they saw the fresh blood on my hands.

    They just walked away.

       Everyone started to walk away, glancing at me, time to time.

Ignoring them, I begin to wipe the blood off, on my shirt.

       "Jeez, Y/N! That was insane!! Nice punch." Robin complements, patting my shoulder, proudly.

       Finney look's around, shocked.

    "Ya. That was....something. You....you actually stood up for yourself! You threw a punch!!" Finn say's, surprised.

    Nodding, I reply

"Thanks. Can't wait till I can say the same, for you, one day." Finn opens his mouth, but, doesn't say a single word.

       Shrugging, I say

    "Well, gotta get going. My dad's here." I point, getting ready to leave.

"Oh, okay."

      "Alright. Sorry we couldn't protect you, N/N. I didn't expect him to make such a low move. It's my fault for even letting that happen....I'm sorry." Robin say's, looking down, disappointed in himself.

       Shaking my head, I walk up to him

"Robin. It's not your fault. Like you said, you didn't expect him to make such a move. If anything, you stood up for me. You helped. I appreciate that." Robin look's up at me, smiling weakly.

      "Thanks, Y/N...."

       "Uhh....well, I better get going, now. See you two tomorrow??" Finney say's, in an awkward tone.

Robin and I look at him, nodding.

"Ya, tomorrow! See you later, FINNEY-BOY!!" I yell, causing Finn to roll his eyes, playfully.

       He waves goodbye, before walking away.

       Robin looks at me,

    "Well, same goes for me. Hey, uh, let me know when you're ready to hang out, so I can walk over to your place."

    Walk over to my place? I thought.

       "You want to pick me up?" I blurt out.

       "Duh. You never know when a bunch of creeps will come out of no where, and want to mess with you. Y'know? Gotta walk alongside you, to make sure that you're completely safe." Robin say's, causing a huge grin to cross my face.

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