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okay so i'm really fuckin annoyed by "i don't fuck with you" by big sean like its 3 months and this tv channel that usually plays bomb ass songs still plays that fuckin song like the first time i heard it it was on that tv channel 3 months ago and now its back ew.

so here i am, venting on the song.

1: you give a fuck about the person big sean. you give a fuck and you have to admit it. you wrote a whole rap (a terrible rap in fact) about how "i don't give a fuck" which actually shows you do but are just denying it but hey, that's none of my business. *sips earl grey + tangerine tea*

2: by "i don't fuck with you", do you mean you don't want to have sex with the person or don't want to mess with them??

2a: newsflash, they probably don't want to have sex with you too.

2b: you don't want to mess with them?? then why did you call the person a "stupid ass bitch"??

3: are you sure you have "a million trillion things you'd rather fucking do"? because you're writing and recording a whole rap about how much you apparently hate this person

4: she got a new man?? well she's apparently over you. you're not so important that she must make you jealous you know.

5: so other girls want the d. i really don't think she cares tbh. and what makes you so sure that her message is that she wants you back?

6: you're not cool by using the word nigga. period.


8: i feel like this is about ari tbh ://////

well i'm pretty annoyed by this song and now there's weird tribal drum sounds at 1:30 am pray that i stay alive

this was pretty fun to make minus thE DRUM SOUNDS I'M ACTUALLY SCARED OUT OF MY WITS

it's been a year and i still hate it with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

peace out girl scouts,

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