24. Explanation

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*guys the response to my story is incredible and absolutely maddening! Thank you so much for reading.. I literally do love and consider you as my friends. So thanks for reading pals hope you enjoy this chapter! Update will be on Sunday xx*

24. Explanation

Harry POV

  She quietly spoke of Jamie's aggressive ways. She mainly gave meek examples without much detail. She told me about all the hospital visits and stitches and how much she loved regardless. She knew the relationship wasn't healthy and she thought he did it out of aggressive protective manners. She was such a genuine passionate person. She only wants to love and be loved and as simple and as easy as it was, it was so complex. I don't understand how someone would forgive the person who's done that to them but Rose did, she's cares too much. She's a saint, an angel.

  "My dads 8 year death anniversary." She mumbled. "I still don't get why it's called an anniversary." She scoffed. "I got wasted, like I do every year on that day. I willingly got in bed but when I knew where it was going I said no. Honest, I said no. And he knew I did. He just wanted his way. I don't know why I care. It's not that big of a deal but I promised my dad. I promised I would wait. It's not my fault- well I suppose it is. But I told him the next day I wanted to call it quits and he apologised and told me he loved me and I believed because he sounded so genuine and sweet. That's when I stopped caring about sex. It didn't mean anything to me. Rape does that to you." She fiddled with her hands. "Until you came along." She looked up at me. We were still sat on the counters her legs dangling over the edge. "I had this feeling you were right. And you are. You're perfect for me." She laughed.

  "No, I'm not." I contradict. I hit my foot against hers.

  "Yeah. You are."

  "No, if I was perfect I wouldn't be such a fuck up." I stated. She opened her eyes wider. Her voice became soft as she looked away from my eyes and at the ground.

  "You're not. We all make mistakes."

  "I hurt you." I spoke meakly as my heart strings tugged within my chest.

  "I'm used to it." She blinked. My head snapped and my body lunged forward and engulfed her small body in a hug. I felt her soft hands on my back as she squeezed me lightly to her chest. "Don't feel bad, I'm alright."

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