13 & Pregnant {19}

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Okay Im gonna continue the story thanks for the comments guys


"Brooklyn im leaving in 15 minutes!" Ryan yells for the 100th time.

"Im coming grandpa"

I waddled down the stairs, yes people I waddled.

"Come on Brook were already late" Mia says as she helps me down the steps.

Mia,Marco,Ryan and I are going to an amusement park and an amusement park is not the best place for pregnant women.

"Are you guys sure this is a good idea?" I asked them as I took a deep breath.

"Come on Mia it'll be fun trust me" Marco said as he helped me out the door and towards his SUV.


"No!" Ryan said as he takes a step back from the ride with fear in his eyes.

"I am not getting on that ride from hell" Ryan said as he tries to run away from Marco but Marco is faster.

"Come on Ry dont be a buzz kill" Marco says.

"Ryan stop being a whimp" Mia says as she pays for the ride.

"Im scared of heights!" Ryam exclaims as he puts his hand on his knees. Marco and Mia took this opportunity to drage him towards the ride.

"Noooo let go of me you demonic spawns of hitler" Ryan yells.

"Brook...brook help me" Ryan says with pleading eyes.

"Hmmmm nope" I say with a smile as I sit on a near by chair.

I watch as Mia,Marco and Ryan are strapped into the ride and it starts to.go up. I hear Ryans screams which just makes me laugh.

After about 5 minutes I start to feel a sharp pain in my lower back and I instinctively reach out for my lower back.

"Are you okay?" Someone asks and I turn around to see a familiar face.

Its Carrie.

"O hey brook" Carrie says with a smile as she puts her hand on my shoulder.

"Hey carrie" I say and I start to fall of the chair but she catches me.

I feel a sharp pain again in my lower but this time its more intense and I yell as I topple over again but Carrie catches me.

"Carrie could you please take me to the hospital" I say as I take deep breaths. I cannot be going into labour right now. Im only seven months.

"Okay come on" Carrie says as she helps me up.

I glance at the ride and see it decending.

"Hey Carrie wait a seco-" Another shattering wave of pain surges over me and I go on my knees. I feel a liquid running down my legs, I look down with wide eyes and did the most predictable thing.

"MY WATER BROKE!" I yell at the top of my lungs and I started to hyperventilate.

I look up and see Mia, Marco and a sick looking Ryan, running towards me.

"Hey whats up" Ryan says as he kneels down.

"MY FUCKING WATER BROKE" I yell with wide eyes.

Ryan goes into state of shock and is completely frozen.

"Come on Ryan we gotta get her to the hospital" Mia says as she slaps Ryna across the face and that brought him back to reality.

Hey guys, The books almost done but SURPRISE there MIGHT be a sequel.Thanks for the support guys. 5 votes on this chapter then i'll update.

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