{Part Two}

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They're too young. Three fourteen year old's and one seventeen? No. I was not about to let this happen. And by the look of her, Ruby wasn't going to either. 

We began to cross the street.

A car began pulling out of another street the same time we were crossing. Apaprently, we were invisible, so he continued at forty miles per hour at us. I saw Ruby throw her energy out and put up a shield in front of us.

The car immediately hit it like a wall. The driver was stopped in time, still not noticing us. Ruby pulled us quicker across the street. Jared and Matt were totally silent. Ruby's mom told us to get inside.

Ruby greeted her mom as usual.

"Buenas tardes, mama. Que El le dara su bendicion." she spoke quickly.

"Hi, Calypso." her mom greeted me. Her Ecuadorian accent hitting every word. "Ruby, what are you doing out of school?"

"We had early release."

"Why did you not tell me?" 

"It was only an hour early!'

"You could have still told me." Her mom dropped the subject and drove us all to Ruby's house. We headed to the backyard.

I sat on the ground near the pool and smiled. I layed on my back, and rolled on my stomach. Matt and Jared sat on the stone bench, and Ruby sat down next to them on the ground.

"Ahh, I'm aliiiiveee." I whispered, laying face-down on the ground.

"Not the first time you've gone against fate." chuckled Matt. I rolled over on my back. I pointed at Matt.

"Hey..." I tried thinking of something clever to say. "That is true." I put my arm down and stared at the bright blue sky.

"The sky is bluuueee!" said Jared mocking me.

"The grass is so sofftttt." Ruby chipped in. They  laughed at my past drunk times. I laughed along. Until I heard a stomach gurgle.

"Matt, was that you?" Ruby asked, looking up, sitting by his feet.

"Mm, yep! I gots the munchies.. Ya got any cereal?" 

"Fruit Loops sound good about now." Jared said. We went inside and sat at the dining table. We ate cereal as Ruby watched us like a cautious mother.

"Hey, mom," I teased, "C'mon, we're all fine. I'm breathing. You're breathing. We're alive." she sat closer next to me, still watching the boys.

"Calypso, how can you be so calm?" she asked, and looked me in the eye, with the slight chill of panic in her voice.

"Besides the fact that I'm totally blowed?"

"Yes, besides that."

"Because.. I have experienced too much of this already. So much pain and loss, sensing death for what seems the millionth time? My only fear is losing you guys. And I knew we would be alright. We were supposed to die, Ruby. But we didn't. And we have you to thank." I continued munching on my cereal, but ended up giving the rest to Jared. I lost my appetite to the memories...

Flashes of him. 


I'm not supposed to be here.

..Am I?

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