Hidden in the Basement (SFW)

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"F*ck!" You cursed as you picked up the pace in hiding this dude's body in the basement, already hearing sirens in the distance.

You didn't know how the police figured out, but you guessed that someone next door heard the screams of the person you killed.

'He deserved it.' You thought.

He almost took advantage of you, in your very own home, and he had the audacity to beg you to "have mercy on him", as he saw the knife in your hands.

You were just trying to help the man because he said he was hungry, not knowing he had malicious intentions.

After dealing with the body, you rushed upstairs and washed your hands.

You ran to your bedroom to change your clothes.

You ran again to the laundry room and tossed your dirty clothes in the washer, putting some soap in and then turning it on.

You rushed around the house, double-checking anything out of place or anything that would make you suspicious.

You then heard the sirens get closer and soon heard knocking.

You calmed yourself down and wiped away the sweat on your forehead.

You opened the door, acting suprised that the police was there.

"Oh? How may I help you officers?!" You smiled at the scary looking men.

One of them looked oddly familiar.

"Good evening sir/ma'am. We've been getting reports about screams in your house and so, we would like to search it. Here is the search warrant." One of them said sternly, handing you the warrant.

"O- oh okay.. come in." You stuttered as you stepped aside to let them in.

You bit your nails as you were nervous about them finding the body.

You thought that you hid it pretty well since it was underneath a loose floorboard in the basement, that was suprisingly big enough to fit a body.

You didn't notice that you kept glancing at the direction of the basement, which the familiar officer caught on.

You widened your eyes as you saw him go down the basement.

You didn't follow him in order to not raise suspicion, so you could only hope that he doesn't see it.

He went back up and approached his fellow officers.

Your heart was beating like crazy as you went closer to them to listen to their conversation.

"Basement is clear, sir." You heard him say.

You swear that everything about him was familiar.

You heard them walking towards you so you hurried to the couch, not wanting to get caught eavesdropping.

"Everything here is cleared, ma'am/ sir. We are terribly sorry for the trouble." They apologized.

"Ah no! It's no trouble at all! It was probably me screaming 'coz I saw a cockroach earlier." You chuckled.

They all laughed, except for the familiar man.

They left your house one by one until you were left with the man.

"That was a pretty big cockroach you got down there." He whispered into your ear.

You stared at him shock while he snickered at your reaction and then left.

'Did he find out?'


His POV:

I couldn't help but think about the previous night with that stranger from the bar, as I was driving to the place where reports of screaming were filed.

The address looked familiar.

We went out of the car once we arrived and knocked on the door.

I widened my eyes as I saw the person that I slept with the night before, opening the door.

We entered the house, right after we showed the search warrant.

The others began searching, while I just observed the person's reactions.

I saw that they kept glancing at the basement while biting their nails, a habit of theirs that I noticed whenever they got nervous.

I went there, curious to see what they were so worried about.

I walked around the basement until I felt a loose floorboard.

I kept tapping it with my foot until it opened, showing a man's dead body.

I soon recognized the body to be one of the r*pists we spent months looking for.

Deciding to deal with this later, I went back up and told the others that the basement was cleared.

I was planning to talk to them later and let them explain what they did.

I might slide in some of last night's details, since they don't seem to recognize me.


As you were staring at the dead body on the floor, you heard someone knocking.

'Who could it be? It's midnight.' You thought as you walked to the door.

You opened it and saw that it was the police officer from earlier that looked familiar.

He asked if you'd mind to be asked a couple of questions and you agreed.

Your heart was beating so fast as you made him some tea.

"Thank you. So, ma'am/ sir, I think we've met before. Have you been to any... bars recently?" He asked as you gave him the tea.

You thought for a while and you widened your eyes in realization.

He was the guy that you slept with!

You recalled being dragged to a bar by your friend, you sitting alone because your friend left with someone, a guy approaching you and then spending time with you, and things escalating quickly until you were in your house, making each other's night.

"Oh my! So that was you?! No wonder you looked familiar." You exclaimed.

"Mhm.. now, why did you kill him." He asked, taking a sip of his tea.

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