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"I have handled more dangerous men do not mess with me again. LEAVE US ALONE!"

"Make you think I am stupid?" said Desum Trelum.

"After everything you did to my family...what more do you want? I suffered and they all suffered don't you care at all. Well you never cared and I don't think you will start now..." replied Andreria. She told herself she will not knee infront of another man ever again. She wanted to scream. She wanted to cry. She wanted to tell the world she is not dead. She wanted to tell her story but who would believe her. She is all alone. Anger flickered in her eyes.

"Are you going to use your old trick on me again. I am more powerful now. I am more heartless. I am more evil. I will never stop till I get what I want. Where is she?"

Andreria threw her locket at Desum and while doing that she said some words only the dead would understand. The locket touched his feet. He shouted out loud and disappeared. She knew the power of the locket would be destroyed by that. She walked away leaving the burning locket on the grass. She walked through the thicklet and found her way back home. She told herself she should be more careful now.

I was coming alive again. I thought no one loves me but to think that I have a mother who loves me now made me forget the pain that Alex caused. I was so sure that she was the one who sent me the ring. "I hope my mother is still alive. She must be, to send me the ring last year." I told Jasmin and Jacod the whole story. "Do you think your father can help me find my mother?" I asked Jacod. I thought of telling Jacod the story cause I believed his father could help me and cause he cared about me.

I faxed Jacod's father the detail he wanted regarding my mother. He also asked me for a photograph of my mother. I sent everything he requested to his office. He told me to give him some time and he will definetely find some information about my mother. He was a police officer. Jacod's mother was a nurse. I went in the weekend to meet them. Jacod is their only child.

"I want to die....I want to die Jasmin.Just don't make me live." I was holding the receiver with trembling hands."I saw him. I saw him and he was with another girl. His arm was around her. Oh, God to think that he loved me. He would have killed me instead."

"Calm down...You don't deserve that jerk. He disappeared for months and then he is back with another lover. Just forget about him, please!"

"I want you to come over. I can't take this pain alone." I was crying like I have never cried before. My eyes were burning. I put down the phone.

In twenty minutes Jasmin was at my place. "Where did you see him?" asked she.

I told her that I saw him when I was going to get into my car. He was near a supermarket. My eyes were red. My heart was aching. I wished I would die. I never want to live.

"Jasmin do you think he kissed her? Do you think he made love to her?" I hugged Jasmin and tears broke from my eyes. The sky is not the only place that is raining raindrops. My face is flooding with heavy drops of tears. I could see rain out side my opened window and the breeze just made me shiver.

"Jasmin, he killed me. I could have lived knowing he abandoned me so I could believe he still loves me. But when I saw them together - they were so happy. And I am miserable and to think I believed all his lies. He told me he will never leave me. He promised he will love me forever. What did I do to see them together. Oh, my God he has a lover!" my voice was hoarse and painful.

While stroking my hair Jasmin said "It's okay, sweetheart. I am there for you. Please, stop crying."

"I want my mummy I never had. I want her." I hugged her even tighter.

"Yes, love we will find her soon." replied Jasmin. "You don't deserve him, believe me when I say that."

I moved away from Jasmin and sat erect on the bed. "You are right. I bet those two deserve each other. I just don't deserve a beast like him." I wiped my tears and hardened my heart. My only hope is to find my mother now.

I headed to the lunch table next day and sat next to Jacod and Jasmin. "You are damn luck you found out Alex is a jerk. Imagine the pain if the relationship continued and you found him cheating on you. It is better this way. I am sorry." I looked at him through my thick eyelashes. Our gaze met and he touched my hand and pressed it. "Jasmin filled me in about what happened yesterday." he added again.

"Yeah, I told him." said Jasmin.

"Alex's girlfriend is so unlucky." said Jacod.

"I agree!"

"So do I." We all laughed together.

It was the weekend Jasmin and Jacod joined me for lunch. We went to the Green Bay restuarant. We ordered a duck ravioli served with tomato, cream and oregano. We also had spaghetti bolognese to go with the duck. Me and Jacod had dark chocolate brownies for dessert. Jasmin had three flavours of ice cream encased in a soft sponge, delicately covered with a light meringue. "Did your dad find out about my mum?" I asked.

"No, he is working on it. Don't worry, he will find something, very soon." said Jacod.

"I am going to order black coffee" announced Jasmin.

"I'll pass." said Jacod and me together.

On my way I dropped Jasmin home. I got home at two past ten. The lunch was lovely and it was nice going out with my friends but I still miss him. How I hate myself of even thinking about him. I love him and I will always love him but I don't want him. I never want him back. How he hurt me? Tears glittered in my eyes. Heartbreak is a new word for me. A word I must live with. How could love hurt so much...Yeah, love is a crime where forgiveness will never be. I looked around my room. The tall cupboards and my sofa and my radio all around me. Maybe I should listen to a song to relax my mind. I switched on the radio and started listening to some songs.

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