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* * * *

       Today, I woke up much more earlier than I usually do, getting up, and going to the restroom to do my usual routine, cleaning my room, etc....

       After finishing everything that I had to do, walking back to the restroom, opening the drawer,

    I take out a pair of scissors.

       Staring at the scissors in my hand, I let out a long sigh.

    Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath.

Raising the scissors up to my hand, I began to cut a piece of my hair.

       Hair, falling onto the sink. Cutting a strand of hair, after another.

       Finally, cutting enough, I put the scissors down. Looking up, staring at my reflection.

Barely, being able to recognize who I'm looking at. Looking like a complete different person.

      I kept staring at the mirror, still trying to process this new look.

    • • • •

       I was now in the car, with my father.

    Dad, quietly driving me to school, not saying a single word.

    Noticing my hair, but, still not saying a thing.

       The whole car ride to school, being quiet.

       Arriving, I unbuckle my seatbelt, picking up my backpack, getting ready to exit the vehicle.

       "Hey," Dad calls out, getting my attention.

    Stopping, I turn around. Now, looking at him.

       "Here. I've made you your F/F, while you were getting ready. Something you can have to eat, for lunch." Dad says, handing me the bag of food.

    Gasping, I look back up at him.

       A smile, forming on my face.

    Nodding, I say

       "Thanks, dad! Bye!!" Thanking him, getting out of the car.

    Watching dad drive off.

       Walking towards the building, I spot Finney, Robin, and Gwen!

       Smiling, I sprint up to them, waving my hand.

    The three of them notice me, waving back.

       Gwen run's up to me, giving a big, tight, hug.

    Smiling, I hug back.

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