Shut Up (SFW)

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You were working in your bedroom when your innocent boyfriend went in.

"Yes baby?" You asked, not looking away from your computer

He started rambling about whatever and you just chuckled because you knew how talkative he was.

He grabbed a chair and sat beside you, still talking, while you just listened to him.

Eventually, he got repetitive and you weren't getting any work done because of how you'd get into what he's saying.

As he was still talking, you groaned as you gave him a peck on the lips to shut him up.

"Babe.. as much as I love your talking, you have to shut up sometimes, even if I have to kiss you 'til you fall." You whispered.

He stared at you for a while, eyes wide and mouth agape, as he was shocked at the sudden kiss.

He then winced a bit and shifted in his seat, seemingly uncomfortable.

"What's wrong baby?" You asked, concerned.

He didn't say anything as he looked down on his body.

He widened his eyes when he looked to his.. down there.

"(your name)? Why is there a bulge here? It wasn't here before.." He panicked as he pointed at it.

You looked at where he's pointing at and sitfled a laugh. 'Just from a peck?' You thought.

"You really don't know what that is?" You asked, not believing how innocent he was.

He just rapidly shook his head and gave you the cutest doe eyes you've ever seen.

"Oh wow okay umm.. How do I explain this. It's something you get whenever you feel excited of someone doing romantic stuff to you. Like kissing or touching your body, etc." You explained.

"Hmm... how do I make it go away? It kinda hurts.." He tilted his head.

You blushed at the question.

"U- uh- uhmm.. You can.. or I can- oh my gosh (his name)..." You said flustered while hiding your face in your hands.

"W- why? What's wrong?" He asked, gently trying to take your hands off of your face.

"Nothing.. It's just- okay how about this. Do I have permission to touch you?" You clarified, not wanting to make him uncomfortable.

He thought for a while and then said, "Mmm okay... as long as you don't hurt me."

"Of course.." You smiled at him.

"Now, lay back and let me take care of you."


"Uhh.. (your name)?" You heard your boyfriend say as he walked into your room.

"Hmm?" You hummed, acknowledging him.

"The- the thing where I get excited happened again.. b- but I'm confused since you didn't touch me or kiss me or anything.." He said shyly, playing with his fingers.

You looked down to see that there was indeed a bulge there.

"Hmm.. did you.. read or watch anything?" You asked.

"Uhm.. oh! I was reading a romance book and then there was a part that said that the main characters were, 'kissing roughly' and then that's when I noticed the thing here..." He winced as he poked it.

"Mmm so why did you tell me that?" You stifled a laugh as you teased him.

"I- I was thinking if.. m- maybe you could do the thing you did last time? When this also happened? It felt really good.." He blushed.

"Are you sure? You were kinda noisy last time though..." You smirked at him, teasing him even more.

"B- but I promise I won't be anymore! I'll control myself! Just please (your name).. it hurts already.." He begged as he was tearing up.

Well, since he asked so nicely, you just had to help your poor, sweet baby.

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