Chapters 8, 9, & 10

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Chapter 8

November 24, 2000

The red file laying flat in the center of the table seemed to have us mesmerized.

"Oh my God," Abby finally uttered, handing Ya Su to Raven before reaching out to the dossier, "You guys act like it might bite you or something."

Laying the file between her and me, Abby opened the front cover and started reading:

Gabe and friends,


Thank you for allowing me to present a small case for your perusal...a taste of things to come if you will.


A man has approached me from Lancaster, approximately seventy miles from you.


He has lost something, but I know not what. He will only discuss that with my representative in person.


In light of that, I have taken the liberty to secure an appointment for you at 2:00 this afternoon. While it matters not who conducts the interview, I believe it would be better if Gabriel did this one personally. He will allow one other person to accompany you, although the interview will be conducted privately between just him and Gabriel.


He will know you only by your group's code name, which I have also taken the liberty of creating for you. It is quite apt considering some of your past work if I do say so myself.


Good luck and safe travels. I will expedite the code name via secure means. As always, should you choose not to accept the mission, assess me of your disposition soonest.




As if on cue, the secure cell twittered on the table.

Picking it up, Abby read from the screen before grinning.

"Ha!" she exclaimed before handing the phone to me.

On the screen, I read aloud the single word...



Chapter 9

November 24, 2000



"Humph," Preacher uttered in response.

"Hey! Don't knock it Preacher!" Abby exclaimed, "We did help save the world after all."

Preacher shrugged. "Lots of cloak and dagger in that message, makes me want to have second thoughts all over again."

"Where's your thirst for adventure buddy?" Snake grinned while patting Preacher's shoulder. "It's better than spending the day in your apartment with Dirk isn't it?"

"Dirk and I keep plenty busy if you must know," Preacher countered gruffly, although he let the thought drop when Abby spoke.

"I think we should take it," Abby said while looking around the table. "How hard could it be to find something?"

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