My Baby...

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A few classes after Mr. Perez, I find myself slowly shuffling to lunch. Im not really hungry, but I am sure craving an apple. I go into the Sub line, to my surprise a girl 'bout my age knees a boy in the groin area. I flinch, poor kid. He crumbles to the floor in pain.

"Thats what you get! Ya evil bastard!" She then kicks him in the chest for good measure. A lunch lady calls the school nurse while the two police officer's carries the girl away.

"Good afternoon Sharina." I say to the casher lady.

"Well Hey honey!" She replys enthusiastically, in her southern-bell accent. "That'll be .50 cent. And baby, you know you owe 7.55."

"I know, I know. That's why I have a ten dollar bill."

"Thanks sugar, have a great day."

"You too Sharina!" I say as I walk over to Amethyst.
"Hey girl!"

"Waz up!"

'(/) (/) please come down to the office for dismissal; (/) (/) please come down to the office for dismissal'

"So much for that."

I stare at my foam tray in confusion; that can't be right, Mom has a meeting from 2 to 4; she should be getting ready for it. Curiosity wins me over, again. I stand by the trash can chugging down the orange juice, then I throw the container away along with the tray. 'This is quite odd...' Slinging my bag over my shoulders, I grab my skateboard and say bye to Amethyst. On the bright side - I missed 2 hours of school! Oh yeah!

"Oh don't mind me!" I raise my voice skating by a few teachers. Their expressions consist of shock and disgust. "I'm just skating through the halls and you can't do anything about it!" I do a few tricks and blow raspberries at the teachers who are against the new rule of allowing skateboards on the school premises. Which include at this moment; a man named Perez, otherwise known as the 'baby feeling stealing monster'. Hopefully he changes his mind about the skating thing - "Well speaking of the Devil..." I say aloud, hulting my board from moving. Obviously he cannot tell who I am with my (h/c) hair in my face, I can tell by his comment.

"Young lady, you should know it is disrespectful to spit it on your fellow teachers. They could consider it a federal offense. You - you should not be roaming the halls, get your class - Oh brother, no wonder, it's YOU, I should have known."

"Took you long enough!" I say, his grip tightens around a rectangular object. "Funny that thing looks exactly like --- MY BABY!!!!"

"No you don't!" His long white hair sways as he reaches his hands up in the air grasping my phone.

"Thays totally unfair! You know I'm vertically challenged! Give it back!

"Never! I can finally get you suspended with this evidence."

I stop. "That's what this is about? To get me in trouble!?"

His green eyes smile "But of course."

"Didn't you get the memo?"

"What memo?"

"Ha! No wonder! Didn't you hear that Principle Vegan had allowed cell phones in the school?"

"Yeah, that's why I'm collecting all those beats headsets."

"Yeah, what do you do with all of them anyway?"

"Sell them on eBay..."

"What!?! Just rude and cruel!" I can feel my face burn up and steam coming out of my ears (not literally but you get the gist...)

"Your cell will give me an excellent profit. Especially your phone case, it's quite popular in India."

I jump again for the phone, "When I'm dead! The office will not allow it!"

"Who says the office had to?" He smirks.... Evilly might I add.

"You wouldn't dare -" My eyebrows furrowed together in frustration.

"Oh will I, is that a challenge?"

Then a familiar voice barges in our conversation singing, rolling in on a skateboard "Why you gotta be so rude, don't you know she's human tooo, Why you gotta be so rude- " The guy preforms a jump with his board and snatched up the phone "-cuz you got a big attitude!"

"Oh my gosh!" I exclaim "Mikey?" Michelangelo looks at me; gosh, his sky blue eyes smile at me, if I could melt, I would be a puddle. Small freckles scattered across his nose and cheeks. He grins, making little dimples, he jerks his head to remove his wavy blonde locks from his face.

"Hair sucks." He mumbles.

"No! It's a gorgeous!" Crap, did I say that aloud ....

"And just so you know, my name is not Mikey."

"Yes it is!"

"No, it's not." He winks at me, he friken winks at me! Don't faint, don't faint!

There must be a good reason. "Oh, oh, oh, right."

"What's the meaning of this foolishness?" Perez interject, ugh, I forgot he was still here, dang it! "Who are you young man?"

Mikey smiles "Who? Me? My name?"

"Yes you!!" Perez studies him, trying to determine what to do with the smug jokester.

Mikey tosses the phone from one hand to the other.

"You break that phone, I kill you!" I mouth.

"My real name..." He pauses looking at me, I try not to smile. "My real name is Mickey. Mickey D. Donald."

Perez lifts an eyebrow, while I have that real attractive face you make when you're trying not to burst out laughing obnoxiously.

"Okay Mr Mickey Donald... Hand over that cellular device, IMMEDIATELY!"

"KK, you funky piece of Gluteus Maximus, here!"

He holds out the phone for Perez, the teacher reaches for it scowling.

"Mickey! You little -" But just before I could say anymore; before Mr. - you know what, he doesn't even deserve a mister... So Perez was going to get his baby - stealing hands on my baby, mighty shoves the phone in his pocket, grabs my hand and rolls us and are skateboards towards the exit.

Okay pause..... WE ARE HOLDING HANDS HERE, HELLLOOOO!!!! Plus we are riding into the sunset and out the doors.

Perez freezes just for half a second, then screams bloody murder. "Principal Vegan! Sergeant Manskove! Those two just stole my granddaughter's cellular device!"

The doors closed behind us, making Perez's muffled voice sound like a dying Narwhal.

"Did he just say what I think he just said?" Mike asks as he hands back my cell phone.

"Yep." I preform my favorite trick, the 'ollie'.

"That lil backstabbin, two-faced, no good lyin, sewage eater -"

"Whoa horsey, chill! I agree with you, but we should seriously get out of here..."

"Agreed." We both roll to the park in the parking lot. "Let's get to my car."

"You have a car?! Since when do you have a car?"

"I don't, it's my brothers."

"You have a brother?"

"Yep. I have 3."

"And you know how to drive?"

"Nope. Not at all! I'm a NEW YORKER for a reason!!!"

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