A Few Short Questions Please...

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"Ooooo!' Who's  Don?" My little brother Quincy taunts me.

"Yea, who's Don?" My other little brother (which is the youngest child in the family) Owen echo's Quincy. They say and do everything together! Ok, maybe not when they go take a shower or go the bathroom and stuff like th- Well that's not entirely true...

"None of your beeswax." I simply say racing down the hall. Only to be stopped by the youngest of us girls, Vanessa who is only eight years old. She waves my phone in my face. "H-h-ow d-did you-u?" I say completely surprised, than my face twists into a scowl.  "Give it back!"

"You have to catch me first!"

"Oh, trust me. When I do... I'm gunna shellac you; than bury you alive so that the dirt suffocates you. Than I am going to enjoy dancing on your grave and dancing away from your grave from...      LIGHTING IT ON FIRE!!!!!"


"You better watch ya language."

For such a small girl, she can really pound her feet down the stairs. Let me put it to you this way.. she sounds like an elephant.  I on the other hand slide down the railing, hoping to catch up to her.




  He's here, now?

"We shall answer the door for you sissy!" My other two sister both bolt for the door, like its some sort of event called 'Lets Annoy (Y/n) Day!'

 My Dad emerges from his study "Quiet! I am going to meet this, Donatello. All of you go to your room! Quincy?"                                         

My brother turns towards him "Yes sir?"

"Bring me my gun kit." Oh brother; I face palm myself. Quincy chuckles to himself weirdly. I stand there silently so I can see Don; until....

"That includes you (/)."

"But Da-"

"It may get bloody.."

"I'm outta here!" My arms flare above my head as I stomp upstairs in frustration; AGAIN!

 *Donatello's Pov:

Is she ok? What is taking her so long? I hear a deep commanding voice coming from inside. Crap, I forgot that I am going to get interviewed.  How does an interview even go? I've never been in one before. Great, now I am starting to hyperventilate. I then start to fiddle with some copper wire and a random battery I had just found in my pocket. Maybe my brothers are right... no body would like my 'nerdy' personality.  I turn to go home until I hear the door whip open. Turning again I see a buff middle aged man, dark brown hair with a bit of gray, (He has probably dyed it a few times) and about six foot; I got a good three inches on him. No turning back now.

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