What the shell!?

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"Travis give me my phone back..." With his head hanging low, he turns into in his seat. He hands it to me, his pale arm jumps up and down from the impact of the bus.

"With my phone case." I roll my eyes, seeing my house from the sticky bus seat. Connor, who is sitting beside me asks "Sooo, who's Raph?" I tence up at hearing his name.

"N-n-o one."

"Sure; he's a no one- So when are you seeing him again?"

The bus comes to a sudden halt, so can you forward in the seat. I snatched my zombie phone case from his paw and scuttle down the little walkway and out the revolving flappy doors. My ears hurt when the two yellow bus windows scrape against the metal, causing me to shiver.

"Tell me how it goes tonight!!"

"No thank you!" I holler in return / walking backwards. I race inside my apartment; not the best idea when your parents are extremely being hateful to each other.

"(\)! Where have you been!?!"

"A-at school....."

My mom then interjects "No! No you were not!"

"Than where was I hmm?!"

"Don't play stupid with me (\)." My father vociferous voice is carried across the apartment. For the first time I decide to stand up for my self and not cower.

"How dare you! How dare you say where I have and have not been! You don't even know anything about me!" Dads face turns beet red. He stomps up to the new flat screen (surprisingly its not already in the dumpster.) and yanks the TV from the wall to reveal a hidden compartment. What I see is unbelievable. Illegal stuff.... Not like I'd use any of it. Ok, Ok; maybe that sweet black Ak-47 in the back right hand corner. But, hey! Who cares right? WRONG! I just realize what he is planning to do. he reaches for the closet pistil to him and points directly at me. "Holy son of a motherless goat."
I mumble, than dart upstairs to my room. Praying I get away, and that hopefully he is as drunk as mule; so that he can't remember anything in the past hour. When I reach my room, I lock the door and prop up a wooden chair against it. I hear dads cursing, and feel the vibration from his fist coming in contact with the compressed door. I am a sensible child, am I not? Hopefully this will keep him from reaching my throat. Unless, of course; he somehow punches a hole through the door. Pfft, that will not happen... possibly. Can '8:00' come any slower? Hopping out of my window, I ride my bike down at the square mall. I am not a shopping type of person, but I will do anything to get away from my sick in head parents. Plus, I need something better to wear than my same ol' same ol' clothes.

~2 hours later!~

I hate shopping, yet I must admit. Those clothes looked sexy on me! I pay the casher the $220.

"Can I change in the back?"

"Sure, go right ahead." The guy slips his tongue in and out of his mouth, catching the piercing in-between his lip. Gagging; I sprint to the changing room, clutching my new clothes and accessories to my chest. Than I see a very hot looking guy standing behind a rack of short sleeve Disney shirts. He bobbs his head to the beat of the music coming from his headphones.

I slip into the room. Changing quickly I reherse what I would say to him in person. I open the door, walking briskly to where I had seen the guy last.
Aaaaannndd not there..... dang it. He looked so hot to...sadface. I stuff my previous clothes in my bag and start to walk slowly out of the store.

~moments later~(OK fine)~hours later~

Sitting on my roof, I heave a great sigh. My head is planted in my hands as I watch a colony of ants marchimng before me. Pulling my cell from my purse, I notice that it's '8:20'. Is he always this late? Than from below a loud humm comes from a motor bike. The young rider majestically slides off his helmet, like he had planned and rehearsed this moment for days.

Eliminating his voice he howls "I'm sorry I couldn't meet ya on da roof! I wanted to make a proper entrance!!"

Puzzled, I stare just long enough to see the feature's of the young teen, he flashes a familiar smile.

"Your that kid from hot topic! Are you stalking ME!?"

"No!" His eyebrows forrow together, that smile.
Where have I - My eyes widen in realization. The last puzzle piece has been found.....


{_I am sorry my little minions that I have not updated. My tablet is broken, it has gone through shell. Plus my Dad got married today, and school was a mess. But there shouldn't be any problem next year, because I'm being homeschooled! Blah. I
Let's just say I am going through alot right now. I want to thank everyone who is still hanging with me. And I hope I will see you at the end of it. Love you all!
~Hasta La Pasta! #Don't quite on me!_}†★

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